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The Gym Management Software Fitness Club Tools of Insight

Insight was my solution for my own gym management headaches. As a computer science graduate and fitness club owner, I had some options. I didn’t hesitate to dive in and write my own code when the business started to get complicated. Great idea, right? Well, it turned into a bigger project than I had expected, which is an understatement! Each solution seemed to reveal new problems, at least in the first version. I’m not going into too much detail because I’ve covered much of this over the years on the Gym Insight Blog. Multiple Gym Management Tool Sets There’s a [...]


Gym Management Software and Fitness Business Basic Economics

Fitness is one of the more efficient industries, in the economic sense. The same is true about gym management software. It’s a good thing in that competition leads to better products and services. On the other hand, it goes in the opposite direction as well. Economics drives free markets toward commoditization, which means cheap, bland products. Here at Insight, we recognize that, and we work to deliver a stand-out club management platform that defies the odds. As a gym business owner, so should you. The best strategy for small gym business success is unique offerings that command premium fitness club [...]


Personal Branding for Fitness Club Owners And Entrepreneurs

Make Your Name in The Business As an independent gym or fitness club owner, have you considered your personal brand? I’m not talking about the fitness club brand of the gym that you founded (or plan to start). What I mean is your public name and reputation as an entrepreneur. If you have worked with an executive coach, you may have heard of personal branding. Chief-level executives, ambitious corporate VPs, and high-tech start-up founders often work with a coach. The goal is to enhance your credentials and be more valuable as a leader and public figure. Personal branding opens doors. [...]


Why Company Cultures Still Matter in The Fitness Business

Four Organizational Culture Types Did you know that there are four different categories of organizational culture? I didn’t. Some researchers at the University of Michigan figured it out, and I’m glad they did. So, let’s take a look at these four cultures and see how they show up in with the fitness business. Business schools that develop management theories have been covering the structures of companies for decades. Formal structures have the backing of authority; they are the written tables of organization, policies, and procedures. The formal structure of your company goes all the way up to the corporate documents [...]


Can Client Programming Deliver Corporate Wellness?

So, what’s the point of implementing a corporate wellness program? Is it about building company culture and togetherness? No, at the highest level, corporate wellness is about having healthier, more productive employees. On the most practical level, it’s more about minimizing costs and workers who get more done with less friction. Savings is a worthy goal, so is productivity, but creating a program that matches long-term benefits against short-term costs is a difficult thing to achieve. In theory, fitter workers should yield higher levels of productivity. While healthcare costs generally bill you in yearly chunks, quantifiable wellness improvements might take [...]


3 Alternate Revenue Streams To Boost Your Fitness Business

Getting Beyond The Gym Business Basics Developing alternate revenue streams for your new fitness club is the next stage for any ambitious gym business venture. If you hope to grow your business beyond the basics of club memberships, it is vital to have additional sources of income to achieve long-term success. Once you have a steady stream of income from membership subscriptions to your club, you have a solid start to gym ownership success. That doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax though. It is time to expand all of the additional channels of income that compliment and enhance [...]


Fitness Technology Innovates for 2018 But Grit Still Matters

CES 2018 Shows The Future Of Technology for Fitness The Consumer Electronics Show has come and gone for the year once again. With it, we have seen the latest round of technology that is either directly related to fitness, or which you could apply to the gym business with a little imagination. Wearables and Trackers The health and fitness exhibitors at CES for 2018 were more full of enthusiasm for technology than ever before and with good reason. There were more wearable devices on display than ever before, and it looks to me like the functionality factor is rising. Wearables [...]


Creating The Best Client Programming Experience For Your Membership

Client programming is all about personalizing the experience and service you provide. Members want guidance for fitness and an enjoyable, rewarding experience that gets them there. You can adopt a client programming system or invent one of your own. Either way, this is a vital dimension that will help to establish your position as a force in the fitness industry. Everyone Wins With High-Quality Client Programming Personalizing the experience that you provide to individual members gets right to the very heart of what consumers value about fitness club memberships. Your members place their hope and trust in you and your [...]


3 Special Population Fitness Categories To Boost Your Gym

As we’ve discussed here on the Gym Insight Blog several times before, special populations provide a path to an alternative business model that could take you to another level of success. Have you considered working with Special Populations to differentiate your gym business? Specializing your fitness club offerings is part of finding the niche that is the best fit for your business goals. Working with one or more category of special populations is a way to achieve that objective. As a fitness center owner, you face an uphill battle if you attempt to compete with the big box fitness brands [...]


Gym Businesses Win By Investing In Millennials

The Digital Natives Expect You To Bring Your A-Game There is a simple logic that justifies marketing to Millennials; it is the fact that, being young people, they will be around for years and years to come. So if you can capture the mood and attitude that appeals to them, you have a shot at building relationships with a valuable demographic. Millennials are the offspring of past generations that were subject to sophisticated marketing, even if the media was less advanced. This recent generation has grown up within that context, and they are the first generation that is truly native [...]


Fitness Entrepreneurs Find A Friend In Inefficiency

Here's some more economics stuff, but it's golden, so if you're an aspiring fitness entrepreneur, stick with me here. If there were perfect competition, no one would make a profit. The fact is there are hidden opportunities that arise because the gym industry has quirks that make it possible for an enterprising gym enthusiast-slash-professional to make a splash. Getting In The Mix While Standing Apart Even if the biggest McBigBox franchise were to open right across from your studio or club, the fact that it’s there might be a sign that you are in the right place and you can pick [...]


Sponsor A Fundraiser For Local Schools To Help Enrich Your Community

Giving Back To Your Local Community It seems like schools always need help and, as a local business owner, you have the opportunity to help out by sponsoring a fundraiser that helps schools get the exceptional things that make a difference in education. It might be a great opportunity to give back to your local community and to get a little more involved; there’s even an argument that, if you can help, it’s a responsibility that you shouldn’t overlook. At some point, after you have established your business, and you no longer have the worries of the new owner, you [...]


9 Tips To Keep Your Gym Business Lean And Healthy

Sometimes keeping your small gym business lean is just a matter of tying your proverbial shoelaces, sprucing up your operational practices and squeezing that little bit of extra mileage out of your resources. Even a fundamentally sound business needs to protect itself against the risk of squandering resources and frittering away advantages in a competitive market. Keeping costs down takes a mix of flintiness, shrewdness and negotiation skills. There are different parts of the business that give you opportunities to cut costs. If there is any fat in the cost of creating sales removing it gives you a bigger return for [...]


Beginners 6 Best Gym Machines

6 Best Gym Machines for Beginners to Use   Gym equipment is divided into gym machines and free weights. For beginner use, it is advisable that you work with gym machines first. Right about everyone wants to look younger, have an amazing body, as well as great skin. To meet these objectives, it is important that your gym is equipped with the best machines. This is more so if you are attending to beginners who are fragile and need a stepping-stone. Gym machines come in handy in offering a variety of exercises. While it is important to incorporate the use [...]

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20 Things Successful Gym Owners Do Everyday Part 1

20 Things Successful Gym Owners Do Everyday Part 1 I was recently reading a post entitled: “20 Things The Rich Do Everyday” on Dave Ramsey's Website. If you’re not familiar with Ramsey and his teachings his website is truly worth giving a close inspection if you’re a small business owner or gym owner. He writes about finance and emphasizes getting out of debt and building wealth. When this first came out, it seemed to spark controversy because of the direct percentage comparison with the poor. Regardless, these are great healthy habits to incorporate not only into your own personal life [...]