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Insight was my solution for my own gym management headaches. As a computer science graduate and fitness club owner, I had some options. I didn’t hesitate to dive in and write my own code when the business started to get complicated.

Great idea, right? Well, it turned into a bigger project than I had expected, which is an understatement! Each solution seemed to reveal new problems, at least in the first version. I’m not going into too much detail because I’ve covered much of this over the years on the Gym Insight Blog.

Multiple Gym Management Tool Sets

There’s a whole book I could write about the process of getting from bright spark to compiled code, ready to populate with account data. However, once I got it to where I wanted it was an amazingly rewarding feeling. The buzz was even better when friends and contacts started asking to use it too.

If you’re in the market for gym management software, but not already working with us, please try Insight and decide for yourself that it’s the right package, just like so many others have done before you. Here are some of the reasons that it might be your best gym management software option.

Find Us in The Club

If you’re looking for a new gym management software package, you probably fit into one of three situations. Either you own and operate an existing fitness club, you’re planning to start one, or you’re an independent fitness trainer. Whatever your current situation within the industry, Insight gives you tools to make a success of your fitness club career.

The tool sets include sales, membership management, class scheduling, payment processing, access control, and club management. These were more than I initially dreamed of including, but by as Insight grew in practice and with input from our clients this is where we are now. Gym Insight is comprehensive gym management software.

Gym Management Software for New Club Owners

As a gym industry entrepreneur launching a new fitness club, you can start out with total organization for billing, invoicing, and contracts. This gives you a structure to get paid what’s due without delay. It prevents confusion and gets things moving.

Track check-ins and attendance to stay on top of usage patterns. Point-of-Sale and payment processing tools turn promises into payments, without having to tie-in with external software that could cause confusion or lose information. Everything takes care of itself, saves you time, and makes your business stronger.

How Existing Gym Business Owners Benefit from Insight

The features in the package extend and provide features that will become more useful as you grow. Manage inventory for your merchandise sales section and your marketing. Once you have employees on the books, Gym Insight gives you tools so you can delegate with confidence, secure in the knowledge that work will get done without direct supervision by you. This framework is the key to building a successful fitness enterprise.

Scalable Personal Trainer Solutions in The Same Package

As a personal trainer, you need tools that do all of the same things as club owners. Just because you may not operate an open, or provide open attendance doesn’t mean you can forego records and accounts. Insight gives you the same benefits of a membership portal and the power to manage events.

The result is that you can be the coach to your training clients anytime and anywhere, while you keep their programs up-to-date in your records. If you work with clients in any way, you need to have access to information. You have data to share with clients and reports to compile about them with Insight.

Capture Information and Share the Knowledge

If you own a gym business or manage one, you have experience and knowledge. It is absolutely worth sharing that. For me it was Gym Insight, for you it might be how you found the best client retention strategy.

Your great idea could be a particularly successful template for client programming. Even something like a sales letter that draws warm prospects in through your front door. Anything that raises your game can be something to sell or license to other gym owners.

Additionally, there is always something you can refine and improve. If you’ve just started out, get that first version your business going. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The real value is in how you make improvements.

When you have the tools that come with Gym Insight, tracking your sales and membership is easy. As you go, experiment with all of the processes of your business and find the changes that have big impacts. Once you do, you not only have tools you can eventually share with others, you get bigger profit margins and lower costs along the way. Try Insight.


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