We Chose a Non-Traditional Executive Assistant and Here’s How it Turned Out.

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  • We Chose a Non-Traditional Executive Assistant and Here’s How it Turned Out.

Employee Profile: George Cox, Executive Assistant

Former naval officer Lt. George Cox met Gym Insight’s owner after graduating from Liberty University with a Master of Divinity. Lean and ready to find a calling in the civilian world, his modesty almost got in the way of his becoming our Executive Assistant.  

Luckily, we can spot talent, even if it’s not looking for us. 

Once hired, we quickly discovered his military training equipped him with a skillset both technically adaptable and highly disciplined — an awesome combination for our fast-growing gym software company. 

Today, Cox is the rudder that ensures employees are paid, insurances are renewed, books are kept, hardware is shipped and taxes are remitted. From there, he sees to the success of Gym Insight through overseeing marketing campaigns and merchant accounts.

As Gym Insight grows so do his responsibilities, a blessing he embraces and enjoys.

From the United States Naval Academy to his personal calling.

Cox was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy after he graduated from the prestigious United States Naval Academy in 2012. He spent five years in the Fleet before stepping into an Inactive Ready Reservist position for five years. 

While on active duty with the U.S Navy, he completed his qualifications as a Surface Warfare Officer and was promoted to lieutenant in 2016, where he led divisions of Sailors. 

He first reported on board USS DENVER (LPD9) in Sasebo, Japan, an amphibious transport dock ship. He also stood bridge watch (drove the ship) on the Littoral Combat Ships — USS JACKSON (LCS6) and USS INDEPENDENCE (LCS2), both homeported in San Diego. 

  • George Cox

In spite of his commitment to the Navy, a different calling began to take hold. 

Although a baptized Christian when enlisted, Cox’s relationship with Christ grew throughout his duty as a naval officer. Soon, he was asked to act as his ship’s Lay Leader, providing general Protestant services, conducting religious assessments, and commencing the evening prayer before taps. 

The turning point in his Navy career came when asked by the Captain to conduct the invocation and benediction for a change of command ceremony. The experience convinced him of his calling as a minister rather than as a naval officer. After five years running some of the most world’s most impressive warships, he stepped down and went to school for his Master of Divinity. 

Finding Gym Insight.

Cox met our owner Lawrence Fagan in a Bible study class. Immediately impressed by his former career, education and positive attitude, Lawrence soon asked the former officer if he would like a position as executive assistant. Cox replied that he knew nothing about running a business, saying “I couldn’t run a lemonade stand.” Other than being good at spreadsheets and keeping things organized, what could he offer? Gym Insight’s owner replied, “Don’t worry about that.  I’ll teach you.”

Turns out, he’s a quick study. Not only has Cox grown in his responsibilities, he’s rediscovered a love of physical fitness. After hiring a personal trainer, he’s gained 25 pounds of muscle in less than a year. He also has found deep satisfaction in helping gym owners, and their club members, reach their personal goals. As Cox moves forward in his ministries and expands his duties within Gym Insight, he is delighted with the amazing serendipity of life’s wonders. And we — once again — are grateful for our astonishingly unique employees who define and create our success.   

Gym Insight

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