Updates & Bug Fixes OH MY!

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  • Updates & Bug Fixes OH MY!

Updated the Dues Change Report to add year-over-year changes: The Dues Change Report will now show you a comparison with how you’re doing from the same date a year ago. This helpful snapshot can show you in a split second if you’re making progress or if you need some help! Remember, under your user profile you can have the Dues Change Report automatically emailed to you every night if you turn that option on! Learn More

Added welcome letter, past-due letter, and past-due email previews: If you go to your location settings, you can now see a preview of the welcome letter, past-due letter, and past-due emails that we can send on your behalf. If you haven’t already turned these features on, go ahead and take a look at the previews and then give them a try! Learn More

Updated the location settings screen: As we keep adding more and more options for you to configure the settings screen has been turning into a jumbled mess. We updated it to make it much easier for you to view and change your settings.

Fixed a bug in the End of Day report: There was a bug in the End of Day report that would sometimes allow transactions from the previous day to appear on the report. We’ve corrected that problem.