Gym Insight Now Internationalized for Canada!

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  • Gym Insight Now Internationalized for Canada!

Since the launch of Insight, we have had a significant interest from our neighboring country, Canada. Slowly, but surely, we have been working on internationalizing our program for Canadian use.

We are excited to announce the on-board of our first Canadian gym just a few weeks ago. After beta testing and working out some bugs, we are now ready for the Canadian gym market. Gyms in Canada can now enjoy the ease of use of Insights’ management program, check in access system, and recurring credit card billing through Authroize.NET.

Insight sends a warm welcome to Canada and invites you to give the gym software a try under no obligation!

It is fast and easy to start:Canadian Flag

1) Make sure that your web browser is set to either “English/Canada” or “French/Canada.”

2) Register for Insight.

3) Select the “locations” tab located at the top right hand side of the screen. The icon looks like a house.

4) Scroll down to “Settings”.

5) In the “General” screen, select your time zone and region.

6) Please feel welcome to download the check in application and test it out too for a limited time. This can be found under the house icon and scroll down to “Apps.”

Canada, we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback to better our program for you!