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Gym Management Software — The Hidden Truth Behind That Low Monthly Fee

Choosing the right club management software is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as an owner. Whether you run a single-location Muay Thai studio or a multi-site full-service gym, controlling costs, managing employees, and tracking clients are the cornerstones to your success. If you don’t know how much money you’re spending – or making – then your very job is at risk. Ironically, many fitness companies who sign-up with well-known, heavily-advertised gym software products are forced into that very position. Like a wrestler flat on the mat, they concede control of their business to a third party by [...]


Gym Management Software and Business Success

In the modern era, few businesses can get by without taking advantage of all the myriad technology upgrades available. Utilizing the best business software can propel your gym to a new level of productivity, security, and success. What can great gym management software do for you? Save time and money When your software takes over the automation of menial tasks and shoulders the burden of the everyday work load, your staff is set free to do more important work that only humans can accomplish. Your employees' time is much better spent in face to face interactions with clients and trainers [...]


Management Information Reveal Your Membership By The Numbers

Data Is The Answer But What Is The Question? Whether you are a new club owner, a professional trainer, or a veteran of fitness club management you can always benefit by extracting more information from the data that you generate in your gym business operations. With every transaction or response received from prospects or members, you create data. This might come in through your payment system, setting up a new account in your membership management system or getting a response from an email blast that you send out to a list. In most cases, these days the data will come [...]


Gym Member Personas: Who Are These Idealized People?

People Person Persona Are there gym member personas that describe the typical groups of members of your fitness center? In marketing, a persona is a profile of the ideal customer for your products or services. You create them as character sketches of the consumers or businesses most likely to benefit from your fitness center. Well-researched customer personas will also help you grow your membership and profit margin by describing the patrons who are right for your business goals. Professional marketers who specialize in inbound marketing strategy use as many personas as required to define the buyers for their products and [...]


What Small Fitness Businesses And Startups Look Like

It's Not What You Think So, what does a small fitness business or startup look like? From the outside, it might resemble any one of a variety of business models that have nothing in common. Inside it's likely to be a different story. Your business probably has an architecture that fits into a format that any gym manager will recognize, a club with a subscription membership. It's a service business that has consumers for members. You have to deal with a competitive market, fight against lots of similar companies, and also contend with the giants that have unlimited resources. These [...]


Make A Gym Ownership Transformation Work For You

Sometimes you have to do things that you know will be risky and time-consuming. Risky things are only worth doing if the change that they bring is transformational. That is why Gym Insight has become an expert at helping our customers change from outdated, piecemeal gym management information systems to something that ties your business and membership together. Transitions And Transformations In The Fitness Industry Running a gym is a way of life as much as a job, and if you own the business, you have a calling that takes over your life. If you've been conducting business the way [...]


Behavioral Economics For Better Gym Management Results

Do you know what I object to most in the fitness business? It's those big-box chains that sign up members for the low monthly rate, but secretly hoping that customers never turn up to occupy space in any of their one million and six facilities. Low membership fees are fine in themselves, and it's a good thing that gyms give their members the hope of getting off the couch and getting fit. However, it just offends my sense of honor and the principles that got me into the business in the first place. Also, a strategy that delivers premium services [...]


Measuring Sale Success And Responding To Metrics

Fitness was a $26 billion per year industry at the end of 2015 and it's all too easy to think that taking part is the same as having success in it. That is not the case; the difference is between churning through revenue, where you spend it as rapidly as you earn it (or worse), and making a solid profit on your labors. To achieve that it will require your leadership, a comprehensive map of where you are going, and the right analytics and dashboard solutions to accurately measure the process of getting there. Getting To Grips With Key Performance [...]


This Could Be The Ultimate Retention Tool

Choose Your Application If you could develop a mobile application or app for your gym members what would it be? Would it be purely account information or training records? Would you want to make it a stand-alone Giga-download giant or a lightweight gateway app? Would it help you communicate with your membership or just dole out the advice? I've been giving this subject some serious consideration lately and I'd like to share my thoughts here, as a sort of roadmap. The best part about it is that it's a roadmap to membership retention. Allow me to explain with a simple [...]


Gym Management And Software Services – Pointing Out The Parallels

Parallels In Gym Ownership And Software Services Companies I am fortunate to have had the privilege to see the inner workings of two different industries. My background and education is in computer science but my passions and enterprises have always been in fitness. That led me to having both a career in computer sciences through and in gym management by owning a small but successful local gym business. Since the readers of the Gym Insight Blog tend to be fitness professionals I thought it would be useful, as a contrast, to talk about the computer industry and the differences [...]


Standing Up To The Big Boys

Because The Bigger They Are... As the big guys get bigger, and keep pouring cash into their fitness center locations, you might think that they would be impossible to beat. It's just a fact that large corporations have all the money and other financial resources at their disposal that anyone could wish for. That does not mean they have a monopoly on innovation or competitiveness. The independent gym owner can still do much to fight back effectively because having capital resources is only part of the equation. You have to have a human side that doesn't crush customers in the [...]


Gym Management Software As A Service

Platform As A Service Or Software As A Service I was recently talking to a local small business manager who told me about how his company saved itself by switching format. Clients demanded to get updates and they felt compelled to comply. Payment in a one-time fee meant that the longer clients used their software the less they profited. This turned around when they went to a monthly plan: clients became a cash flow and they have the resources to update generously. I wanted to share this because it is so similar to the experience I had in deciding the [...]


Mobile Fitness Apps Part 2: Motivating Members

The power of modern mobile devices lies in the ability to provide new ways to build communities and strengthen the bonds within the membership. In the first blog article on mobile fitness apps I wrote about how you get insight into customer activities and how well your gym is being utilized. In the second part of this series I want to discuss how they can help to keep your members motivated. Content Community And Coaching From Mobile Fitness Apps There is a huge opportunity to make use of the features that you can put into a mobile app. Features that [...]


Price Changing Factors For Gym Owners

They say that price setting is an art form, but in my experience, so is juggling flaming torches. They both can be impressive done well, but there is serious potential of getting burned as you go up the learning curve. Changing prices, after your members have had time to get used to a previous price, is a unique challenge where you can get burned if you are not careful. Price Changing Factors For Gyms Any kind of decision-making about prices in business has to be based in the real world of business success. Sales, marketing and finance are the main [...]

Antique Typewriter

Getting Disruptive With Calendars

One of the most disruptive trends in technology in the last few decades has been the leveraging and (pardon the fancy talk) disintermediation of the old ways that made the wheels of commerce go round. That means that new technologies that are labor saving and disrupting of the status quo cause big changes. Here's an old-fashioned example: Long before there was MS Word there were typewriters. These days, typewriters are an antique collector's pride and joy, more than objects of any functional uses. For previous generations the typewriter was a labor saving essential for the workplace. Companies had entire typing [...]