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New Reports for Enhanced Gym Management!!

New Report: View Check-ins by Hour of Day: Located under the Access Reports tab, this new report will allow you to easily identify peak times and slow times in your facility. Select a range of dates and the graph will plot out the average number of member visits per hour. Learn More Scheduled Payments report renamed!: Quick FYI, to better reflect reality we’ve renamed the Scheduled Payments report to Pending Account Dues (under the Financial Reports) tab. The Scheduled Payments report now shows the actual scheduled payments as shown on accounts. These are typically one-time or annual recurring payments. Learn More

The Insights Of Bruce Lee

It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessential. This quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee is so simple, yet it says so much of what success is all about, in gym ownership, in business and life in general. You can spend hours doing little things or find the big things that matter; they may look the same at first. But when all the other things drop away you can still take the essential factors and use them to achieve the final outcomes you desire. This is what sculptors do when they carve [...]

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Resolutions for Action

At first glance you might think that I’ve already covered this topic for the year. But this is a little different; it’s intended to be a straightforward list of resolutions for the New Year. I want to make this a post about looking forward and in the last post on making plans there was a lot of content that I left out simply because there was too much good stuff for one post to cover. So, this is a list of what a fitness business should resolve to do in the New Year. Resolutions are supposed to serve a purpose, [...]

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Insight Cuts Through the Distractions

What Gym Software Can Do For You The whole point of owning a gym is to be able to take control of your own destiny.  You can have a great job that’s more exciting than the daily grind of office work, gives you freedom and you get to help others achieve health and fitness. What could be more rewarding? That is, if you can overcome the types of distractions that are likely to undermine your efforts and steal the hours from your day. These distractions come in many forms but you can beat them with effective management and the use [...]

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Get a Report Whenever a Sale Is Made!

I just couldn’t head into the weekend without giving everyone a new treat. Everyone has been asking for it and it’s slightly overdue – but here it is: You can now have reports sent to you whenever something new is entered! I know this doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if you want to know exactly when something is sold at one of your locations, this new feature is for you! Every time something is entered at one of your locations where you have set your report subscription frequency to On Change, you will receive a copy of that report emailed [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

Updates and Tanning

Hi Everyone, Here's what has changed since my last update (last Wednesday): Issue #131: Added Tanning production type Issue #140: Break out totals on Location and Company Performance reports Issue #147: Delete and un-delete personal training clients Issue #156: Added the ability to delete locations Issue #157: Moved Reports to it's own tab and adjusted the navigation menus Issue #158: Removed the Last Month totals column from the Location Performance report The biggest change is the new Tanning production type: Secondly, all of your category totals are now called out on the Location and Company Performance reports: Thank you again [...]