Six Simple Software Industry Lessons For Gym Management

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  • Six Simple Software Industry Lessons For Gym Management

Crossing The Streams For Fun And Learning

I’d like to think that there’s some extra value hidden within the Gym Insight Blog: This is a company that crosses the two industries of software and gym management to help gym owners be competitive and offer better service levels for their customers. The software industry has some great lessons for all business owners. When you need to come up with results such as opening a new gym or creating a franchise, taking the actions that get results is the difference between success and failure.

The software development industry is very competitive and very well funded. Companies and startups fight tooth and nail to establish market shares and to disrupt entire markets with radically new ideas about process and operational procedures. If there is a need, then somebody somewhere is probably working on a solution. There is also enough openness and free sharing of ideas that the best practices that come from hard-won victories in one project get shared rapidly across the entire industry.

Simple Lessons From The Software Industry

This openness provides best practices that all business owners can emulate if they take the time to catch up. Software companies and projects are subject to the same dysfunctions as the rest of the world and they have the driving forces to come up with solutions. And the industry has achieved a remarkable degree of success in working better faster, harder and smarter. The following is a summary of the way that it works in everyday language.

Key with "Future" on it

  1. Start With A Goal

You can’t reach the destination you don’t have, so figure out where you want to go before anything else.

  1. Map The Paths

Do you intend to bootstrap your way in by hosting meet-ups? Traditional finance? Add a certification? Determine all of the realistically possible paths that will get you to the goal.

  1. Choose the shortest path

Any path to get to your goal is going to have risks, most likely the longer or more elaborate the path, the higher the risk that you won’t get there. Early positive net revenue will help you sleep at night and also give a favorable impression to potential investors. Seriously, choose the shortest path. Also, when you get feedback sooner, it helps to prevent mistakes turning into fatal disasters that are too big to repair.

  1. Adopt a measurement system

In a fitness business, you are going to need information about what each member means and what is happening with your membership, as a whole. By the way, measurements of what your members are doing are precisely the information you will get from using Gym Insight’s gym management software. Work with your financial advisors to develop the simplest set of indicators to measure your outcomes.

  1. Do things right now

It doesn’t matter if you generate positive or negative feedback it’s all good, and it tells you how to change your course. If you make excuses, you get nothing and any changes will come later and at a higher cost when you do start toward your goal.

  1. Pause and adjust direction

When you do get feedback of any kind determine what it means, where you are and how close you are to the goal. If you are making satisfactory progress, that’s great, keep going, if you seem to be headed in the wrong direction figure out what needs to change and fix it. If you get to the end and find you’re in the wrong place, go back and adjust the goal.

Competitive Small Gym Owners Are Agile By Definition

These six rules sound like common sense stuff that could have come from anywhere. That is because it’s been stripped down to the absolute core basics that lie at the heart of it. The term agile is very popular right now in the tech industry. If you approach any enterprise, expansion plans or even decisions about starting out using the agile methodology from the software business it will give you an advantage that can be the difference between success and failure.

I built both my gym and software businesses by applying software approaches and technology. That’s what I mean by crossing the two industries. Gym Insight has become a set of tools that is designed to get you where you want to go. The point of the agile methodology is to create the most responsive development environment possible. When you are operating or starting a fitness enterprise you need to consider how these same principles can help you build a winning gym business.

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