10 Steps to Improve Health Club Ventilation

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  • 10 Steps to Improve Health Club Ventilation

Having a good ventilation system is important for the health club experience and environment.

Fact: Most gyms are indoors and many people are sweating and breathing in recycled air.

Problem: Risk of infection is high in gyms with poor ventilation systems.

Factors contributing to the problem:
1) Viruses, germs and bacteria thrive;
2) Humid areas compound the problem;Poor ventilation wasting money

1) Foul smell;
2) Shortness of breath;
3) Infections;
4) Your members will experience incomplete workout sets and poor performances;
5) Ultimately resulting in member avoidance, cancellation, and bad reviews;
6) Waste of money.

Real World Experience:

I know of a health club that nearly lost its entire membership base due to a mysterious illness that happened inside the premise. Members started getting ill with flu. It happened so fast that nearly half of its members got sick within a week. It even affected the employees. Sanitation officials concluded that it was caused by poor ventilation. The gym operator was required to put in additional ventilation.

Don’t Let This Happen to Your Fitness Business:

We don’t want this to happen to our gyms! Using air fresheners will make the air around smell better, but it will just mask the real problem. Gym operators need to be vigilant and proactive in anticipating problems related to ventilation.

Steps to Improve Air Ventilation:
1) Install blowers;
2) Update your air-conditioning units with bacteria absorbing filters;
3) Add windows if permits will allow;
4) Provide a consistent supply of disinfectants to your members including hand sanitizers, isopropyl alcohols and soap;
5) Train ALL personnel to immediately wipe areas used by members. Make everyone responsible, not just the janitor or cleaning crew;
6) Keep your bathrooms, changing rooms and equipment clean. Doing this will also help in member retention.
7) It is vital to spray disinfectants on gym equipment; this should be done before opening the gym to our members and periodically throughout the day.
8) If possible, offer free clean towels. Some clients don’t bring their own towel;
9) Connect with your local sanitation companies. You will be amazed at the sanitation product lines they offer, and of course you can benefit you and your staff of the free training that usually comes with it.
10) If it is flu season, be cognizant of who may be suffering from a virus and gently request them to go home and take care of themselves. This gesture alone can save your business, employees, and other members from the potential infection. Some clients will be offended but let them know that you are doing this for their own benefit.


Your members use your facilities to improve their health and attain their goals. However, if going to your gym gets them sick, then you are doing a great disservice to them. Be aware and active to protect your members, gym reputation, and yourself!

By Chris U. ~Gym Owner and Operator of Bulldog Gym