How an Artist is Changing Gym Insight’s Social Media. 

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  • How an Artist is Changing Gym Insight’s Social Media. 

Employee Profile: Steven Cole Manning, customer support

It takes gumption to work, go to college, and raise a tween, but our customer support pro Steven Cole Manning makes it look and sound easy. He’s one the newest members of our team and has quickly revealed a multiplicity of talents that are reshaping our social media outreach. Hired to support Danny Fagan, our director of customer support, Steven Cole brings an eclectic background as useful as it is interesting. Read on to discover how a gift for gab and an ear for music are moving our software company into the future. 

Steven Cole, what is your main gig with Gym Insight?

I primarily train customers on the software, getting them familiar with the different functions, screens, and workflows. With Gym Insight, it’s a whole system of care for our customers. We move them through the onboarding process and ensure they’re prepared to take on the application themselves. We don’t leave anyone untrained.

Steven Cole Manning

Tell us about yourself. 

I’m a student senior at Berklee College of Music, studying songwriting and music production. It’s one of the most prestigious schools in the nation for the musical arts. My associate’s degree is in audio engineering. Definitely happy to keep hiking to the summit.  Balancing it all as a single dad to an awesome 11-year-old. I also have a lot of experience in customer support with financial companies, which has come into play in a positive way with Gym Insight. 

How are you using this broad background at Gym Insight?

As a content contributor with expertise in graphic design and video editing. In my downtime, I work on media production for the Gym Owner’s Podcast – mixing audio with sound, normal broadcast, add-in the intros, overlays, and edits. Post production work. 

One thing I loved about this opportunity was Lawrence, the owner, was open to me contributing in different ways. His philosophy is, “If you feel like you have special skills, let’s see what we can do with this.” I thought I could do something with the Gym Owner’s Podcast to really spice it up and make it competitive, and asked him if I could invest some of my time into front-end production and design of the podcast.

What has been the result of this collaboration? 

Recently, Gym Insight invested in its social media presence and our Gym Owner’s Podcasts have become an integral part of that campaign. By taking our one-on-one interviews with clients and industry experts, and blending that content with music, sound and graphics, we bring this really valuable information to our public in a playful, engaging way. 

Besides a chance to do what you love, what else do you like about working for Gym Insight?

I really do like my team. They all have really great energy. They work really hard. They give more than 100 percent every time. That is infectious. 

For all of the customer support experience I’ve garnered over the time, I’ve never enjoyed a customer support position like I have here.

It’s a wrap!

Wow! That is a testament to both Gym Insight and Steven Cole – encouraging the best of our employees and turning it into a grand win-win for both us and our clients. Thank you, Steven Cole for sharing your thoughts with us. 

Gym Insight

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