How to Successfully Advertise Your Gym On The Web

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  • How to Successfully Advertise Your Gym On The Web

Digital marketing is here to stay. Chances are you’ve already dipped into online advertising by promoting your fitness center on social media. However, when it comes to spending money on digital advertising, where should you start? To understand the fundamentals of digital marketing we turned to Get Amplified Marketing Group owner Nick Sakkis for some answers. 

First, what kind of budget do I need?

There are two main players in the digital ad world: Facebook and Google. 

If your budget is $1,000 or less a month, Facebook (which also owns Instagram) is the most cost effective promotion. Facebook and Instagram attract different viewers, so you can easily differentiate by age and interests. Facebook hypertargets within a 15-mile radius of your business. 

For budgets that reach $5,000 or more a month, Google and YouTube (which is owned by ABC Co.) allow for super-specific, localized campaigns that can build name recognition and pull in new members. 

What should I do before creating an advertising campaign? 

Survey your existing members! What do your they like about your gym? Why do they come to your health club instead of the commercially owned one down the street? What are your advantages? This inside data turns a shotgun into a laser beam. Figure out who comes to your gym, why, and then retarget this exact person through video content tied to a promotional offer. Don’t assume you know what your clients are thinking — they might surprise you.

What is most important in a digital marketing strategy?

Video is your strongest ally in defining what your gym is about and who you are as an owner. Even if you’re uncomfortable with being in front of a camera, find a way to get over the fear and just be who you are. Authenticity is king on social media, and the more real and human your gym feels, the better a reception it will get from the public. Share your story, too. Tell your viewers why you started this gym, who comes to it, the successes they’ve experienced. Call out your competitors (not by name, of course) and explain how your fitness center is different, better, worth the extra investment. 

This video feeds your social media pages, obviously, but it also becomes the base to creating advertisements and promotions that capture and hold the attention of future members. In addition, videos act like magnets, drawing in your perfect client and giving them time to view your offer.

Where should I spend money first to promote my business on the internet?

Boost your posts. Your social media site may tout thousands of followers, but in truth, very few of these people see your daily posts. Facebook and internet companies have changed the algorithms to reflect other priorities (don’t ask me what), and now 1,000 followers means much less in terms of actual viewership. To build awareness, spend a few dollars a day and boost your posts. Now, instead of 50 people seeing your video, 5,000 people will. This kind of promotion generates great name recognition but don’t expect leads. For that, you need to buy ads. 

The classic sales funnel engages customers, thrills them and then makes it easy to buy now!

What about buying advertising?

The most basic digital marketing approach is a two-step sales funnel. In this case, you shoot a video, craft a good offer, and give them a way to get in touch with you immediately. Establishing a good follow up plan is important in this case. Many times, companies such as Sakkis’ firm can take over this step. 

Then, as Sakkis explains, you follow the heck out of every person who clicked on your advertisement. As annoying as this feels in everyday life, it’s a very successful tactic. Your business stays where your prospect is – on the internet – and builds an image larger than life. You benefit from the scale of persistence — the more they see your  company name, the bigger they think you are. 

Can I create and run my own digital marketing campaign?

Sure, but keeping up with running your gym is tough enough without trying to stay ahead of super-sized tech firms as well. A competent digital marketing firm acts like an old-school advertising agency – they help you refine, create, and distribute your offer while supporting and driving the sales cycle. You wouldn’t train for Mr. Olympia without a coach; digital sales is the same idea. Good guidance is the best investment. 

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