How to Sell Gym Memberships – Part III

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Price Presentation

In our first two blogs in the How to Sell Gym Memberships series, we discussed two critical techniques – how to establish an immediate rapport with new leads and the essential elements of a proper gym tour. In this piece, we explore presenting price. 

While this can feel like the scariest moment in the sale, it can actually be the simplest — if you’re prepared. Here are the three rules to remember about price presentation. 

1  — Limit membership choices. 

By the end of the gym tour, it’s time to present the price. Start by ensuring your gym presents a streamlined, easy-to-understand series of membership choices. 

As you probably mentioned during the tour, your health club offers several membership levels. Keep it at that. If your price presentation material includes more than three or four membership options, you’re going to lose the eager new prospect to the old procrastinator’s standby, “I want to think about it.” Don’t allow information overload to derail your sale.

Tailor your gym membership agreements so they reflect the best interests of your fitness club.  Then create several membership levels that echo whatever is standard for your fitness industry and client demographics. 

Keep membership options simple and prospects will say “yes” faster!

2 — Put the client’s needs first when presenting price.

Too many salespeople, in any profession, consider their own wallet before their client’s best interests. In gym membership sales, this happens most often with the prepaid option, where sales reps push this choice with an eye on their own end-of-the-month commission check. Sometimes it works. There are clients who like a little discount for paying in full.

However, most people do not. Coerced into a cash payment and forced to keep a membership they are not using is akin to massaging a splinter into their right index finger – the one they’ll use to type rotten reviews about your gym.

Allow this newbie to make a decision on their own terms – It will pay off in happy monthly payments as your new client brags to friends and family about what a nice person you are and how great the gym is. 

3 — Invest in good gym software.

Ok, this is a bit self-serving, but think about it. How hip is it to hand someone a laminated flyer or pull out a plastic binder? Or, even more outdated, channel 1978 car sales techniques and write prices on a sheet of paper, sliding it across the table, like you’re inviting a knockdown, drag-out bartering session. 

Instead, offer them a sleek tablet with membership options displayed across a familiar and unintimidating landscape.

Gym Insight’s Sales Guru©  software makes signing up clients simple and seamless. As a sales rep, you can choose how to complete the sale. One suggestion is to either present the device with membership choices activated and ask “which is best for you,” allowing the client to tap their preference, or give them the device and walk away, suggesting they take a look — you’ll be right back. 

All the power is in the client’s hands.

With Sales Guru’s intuitive, easy-to-design documents, your custom signup process can go as smoothly as a pebble over glass. Each leg of the application is populated individually. The client literally clicks “next” four or five times and then hits “finish.” 

From a gym owner’s perspective, all your liability is covered, too, as any important legal forms are included in the signup process. So they are not just committing to X membership, they are signing any documentation required by your fitness niche prior to entering payment information. 

Selling a client the right gym membership pays off in positive social media.

Added benefits of Sales Guru software

Besides making it simpler for clients to sign up for your gym, Sales Guru’s technology offers several additional benefits.

  1. It fits easily on a kiosk. If yours is a busy gym, set the tablet on a stand and let clients sign up on their own.
  2. All information is uploaded, integrated immediately, and readily available in the gym membership software. There are no cumbersome time delays if the client changes their mind or needs additional assistance. 
  3. Customize and design your own documents. You don’t have to force-fit your gym’s unique needs into a predesigned template or learn HTML to alter fields. Just add and populate to create individualized membership processes.

Thanks for reading Part III of “How to Sell Gym Memberships.” Watch your email next week for Part IV “Closing the Sale.” 

Gym Insight 

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