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Let’s deep dive into digital fitness’s world of one-on-one coaching software products for gyms, health clubs, and boutique centers. The streaming market is broad and rich with choices. However for this blog, we explored three well-known companies.

Let’s look at Trainerize

Trainerize is designed specifically for the fitness industry. Its software offers an integrated platform for owners to manage their fitness training from a single spot and offers a new service – online personal training. Owners can choose from a custom-branded fitness app or white-label their own to build brand awareness.

Content capabilities include lifestyle, nutrition, and general wellness coaching, providing a broader spectrum of services beyond the standard exercise format of most fitness apps. Professionals can create and deliver custom training and nutrition packages through embedded templates and automation features. Progress and feedback can be given in real time directly to client phones.

Online Personal Training

Key features of Trainerize

  • Expandable for use by individual personal trainers all the way through to enterprise solutions managing large, franchised companies.
  • The two-way video call feature allows trainers to communicate one-on-one with clients. A trainer-to-group feature is in testing*.
  • Communities of individuals can message each other through the in-app group messaging function, building support and comradery. Programs or challenges can be “attached” to the group by the trainer to motivate the entire community towards a single goal.
  • The app easily integrates popular software add-ons and extends functionality with access to well-known wearables such as Fitbit and MyFitness Pal.
  • A payment system is built into the app, providing a means for trainers to bill clients on the spot or in a recurring method. It is scalable to an enterprise level in which Trainerize connects with existing business management and payroll systems.
  • Club owners can assign clients to trainers, and manage and follow client profiles.

Software is billed monthly and a free 30-day trial is available without giving out your credit card information. Pricing is transparent and available online for personal trainers and club owners.

Now for Pear Sports

PEAR Sports is a health and fitness software platform best known for its mammoth library of functional movement video snippets that can be custom arranged for purely unique programming offerings. It serves multiple markets, from the healthcare therapeutics to first responders, corporate wellness and endurance events. In-between it sells software dedicated to the fitness industry.

Three levels of software technology provide solutions for small, medium, and large fitness operations – from individual, self-employed personal trainers to large, multi-state health clubs.

Pear built its smart coaching technology around real-time heart rate training. This biometrics feedback loop provides near constant adjustment of an athlete’s performance based on individual goals.

Pear levels of technology:

  • Pear Mobile —A white-label app solution blends access to its library content as well as supports clients’ custom content. Its SDK backend software allows customers to “drop” Pear’s fitness programs into their private application, eliminating the hassle of maintaining two apps while minimizing integration complications.
  • Pear Connect — A community-based tool with an easily published distribution system of instantly created URLs that do not require a separate app. Workouts broadcast to customers through messaging, email or QR code.
  • Pear Pro Tools went live just before the COVID-19 shutdown. This fortuitously timed product turns personal training sessions into remote workouts, assigned and managed by trainers in real time. Tools include a drag-and-drop feature for designing sessions, private in-app messaging, scheduling capabilities, and instant reports viewable by both client and trainer. Pro can be scaled for use by one person or by gyms managing teams of trainers. Embedded perks include workout designs and group communication, scheduling, aggregated user data, and sharable calendars.
  • Pear Studio – This to-be-released product* casts workouts to televisions in gyms, or anyplace companies wish to build or supplement their group ex training program.

Finally, but not least, TrueCoach

TrueCoach, designed for personal trainers, becomes an all-in-one spot for compiling client training information, from storing past workouts to tracking progress and interacting with clients away from the gym.

  • Video library storage through TrueCoach.
  • Email notifications of upcoming workouts to both client and trainer.
  • Track progress so that both client and trainer have access to latest information.
  • Scalable for teams of trainers.
  • Dashboard provides up-to-date information on client accountability, recent comments, upcoming renewals and compliance ratings to assess client involvement.

*Confirmed by company representatives.


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