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  • Make A Gym Ownership Transformation Work For You

Sometimes you have to do things that you know will be risky and time-consuming. Risky things are only worth doing if the change that they bring is transformational. That is why Gym Insight has become an expert at helping our customers change from outdated, piecemeal gym management information systems to something that ties your business and membership together.

Transitions And Transformations In The Fitness Industry

Running a gym is a way of life as much as a job, and if you own the business, you have a calling that takes over your life. If you’ve been conducting business the way that gyms have for decades, you probably use a ledger book for your accounts, a shoe box of receipts, and a set of address cards with customer and vendor information written in pencil. If anyone out there is still doing things that way, please call me.

Change Is Always A Challenge

Pencil and paper were the way of the last century, and most owners seem to have upgraded piecemeal fashion adding a personal computer in the back office, spreadsheets or maybe running an out of date software package that never gets an update.

You might think that a gym is a simple business and all you need are the basics. But things just move too fast these days and you can gain so much by taking advantage of a modern management package. When customers want to change their membership plans they want to do it right now, no hassle involved.

Cash payment has a host of problems that come with it, not the least being tax records; you need to accept contemporary payment formats and keep perfect records. Any transaction, search, or file entry must go smoothly and quickly if you hope to keep the confidence of your customers.

A major overhaul can be very intimidating because to try complete change risks having a project that just does not work out. Perhaps this is you? You attempted to shift over to a new system, and it didn’t work. Change is good when it goes well, all too often, it does not go well. Did you know that change initiatives at companies of all sizes have failed more often than not in the last decade? It’s true. In fact, seventy percent of business change initiatives fail.

The Key To Successful Change

So how does a small business, focused on people and fitness, get through a major tech update that rolls out new software and hardware? Well, the first thing is that if you are a small gym business with just a few employees, a couple of managers, and a working owner or partners, you can get better buy in because you are right there and you work directly with your people. As long as your management team is on board, you can make a successful transition.

Additionally, if you are going to update your systems, you need to bring in the experts, like Insight. The team at Gym Insight has years of experience integrating the applications that bring your business up-to-date with the tools to run your business better and make your customers happier. Insight gives you tools on-site and the Cloud that organize your business, your membership, and your scheduling.

Fitness Information Systems From Gym Insight

Software-as-a-Service solutions are excellent for organizing business information systems; they work even better with the right industry-specific gym business hardware. Controller units for gym access that do their jobs independent of your computer system. Whether it is one door or many you can have automatic control of how members get into your controlled spaces. Network your contract computer to quickly and efficiently produce the documents to make memberships happen.

The thought of stepping away from the daily firefighting and administration is a daunting one; the disruption and the risk of failure make you not want to try. However, if you don’t try, you’ll miss out on the rewards and efficiencies.

Ultimately, you can recapture that time you don’t have to spare now with the right gym management information systems in place. Register for a free account with Gym Insight to find out what you can do better and faster; we’ll get you on the track to a great gym that takes less effort and higher profits.


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