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The Fitness Experience

Companies like SoulCycle and Spartan Race are focused on the experience you have during training or as goals to meet for preparatory training. Other systems like CrossFit demand much of your body and even with proper supervision by certified staff you can easily strain muscles and joints in practice.

SoulCycle is a great example of a fitness business carving out a niche because it defies the trend away from spinning classes, which are apparently in decline. By matching charismatic instructors and style with what might otherwise be a limited format the company has created an enthusiastic base of loyal members.

A Simple Idea For Niche Gyms And Studios

Gold’s gym is now pursuing truck drivers as a niche market in a partnership that allows truck drivers to use local Gold’s Gym facilities as they pass through hauling freight across country. Now, this might be a particular niche that is more suitable to a big box company with a national network of gyms. My point is that it is an example of putting different issues together to create a new, niche service.

There is a company of former SEALs near San Diego who will train you to be a successful seal candidate. That is a pretty specialized niche in itself but it has gained a civilian following that attend for the sake of personal development and extreme fitness preparation.niche

There are great events held by organizations such as Spartan Races. Possibly there is a niche for trainers who train you to be prepared for these sorts of programs. Even with CrossFit you don’t want to just go in off the street and start slinging the kettle bells. If you are a trainer with experience in any of these events and programs you might make a successful practice of setting members on the right path to have positive experiences in these advanced activities.

The hazards of injury are real and significant in extreme events and high intensity interval training so it is possibly a niche that prevents injury and builds confidence. The fact that there is a goal at the end of the road puts a time structure in place. There might even be a niche for prepping for the prep programs because everybody starts at a unique place.

Matching Passion To The Market

Certification for specific membership populations is always an option. If you specialize in a segment in the market that requires extra special touch and skill you may always find your niche.

Finding a niche can be as simple as looking at an old problem with new eyes. By questioning the conventional solution for common markets you will very often come up with the kind of answer that is different form before and a way to get the attention of the potential membership who, at least, those who are seeking a fresh alternative to hold their attention.

Brainstorming is a great technique for finding the new solution. This is simply a process of meeting with your colleagues and having a meeting where anything goes, with no judgments or objections raised. Throw up ideas as fast as you can write them down. Don’t review until you have a complete list of possible or even impossible ideas.

It can be very entertaining and it helps to do brainstorming in a casual jocular atmosphere. Once again it bears stating that there must be no fear of criticism, judgment or disdain so that all participants feel comfortable enough and enthusiastic enough to join in.

Specialize But Be Ready To Change

The hazard of taking a niche and running with it is that there is always the risk that the niche can dry up over night. Trends have a way of surging and then receding unexpectedly. The more specialized you get the more limited you are in your ability to respond to a changing environment.

As a locally owned fitness business you might do well to join in with such trends by having classes and trainers who can accommodate the niche. But you need to be ready to pivot out of the niche if you find that it has peaked. Multi-skilled trainers who are willing to be flexible in how they are deployed are your real assets here.

Niche businesses also need to be flexible in the equipment terms that they accept from suppliers. You are going to be glad that you took a lease that has an option to return those stationary bikes if members stop signing up for spinning classes.


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