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Not all equipment manufacturers are the same!

Top Product Brands for Fitness Facilities

Fitness is an important aspect of our everyday lives. It is imperative for people to realize that fitness helps to keep our body strong and immune to health problems. Lack of fitness greatly reduces a person’s life expectancy and increases the chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other health problems. This is why many gyms and health clubs are reaching out to new customers by offering the best trainers and fitness equipment that will aide in reducing weight and increasing strength.

Which is the best commercial fitness equipment?

There are many brands of fitness equipment today, with manufacturers entering the market daily. These manufacturers both sell and lease their equipment to gyms, health clubs, and for personal use so as to spread brand awareness and increase revenues.

In my opinion, based on use and experience, major brands such as PrecorStar Trac and LifeFitness provide the best quality fitness equipment. The amount of research that these companies spend on their design and technology is unparalleled. This is why they are the leading brands for fitness equipment around the globe. But which brand is the best?

Customer service & product reliability

In order to determine which brand is the best, I first go to customer feedback and reviews. Customers play an important role in the development and design of any product. Based on their feedback, companies will have to adapt and redesign their products so that their customers are satisfied. As a customer myself, who has had experience with all three brands, I would highly recommend Precor, Star Trac, and LifeFitness, but for different qualities.

How are Precor, Star Trac and LifeFitness different?

Precor takes great pride in the fact that they provide regular servicing of their equipment as part of their operational activity. Star Trac, backed by Core Health & Fitness, offers ongoing education and certifications, as well as product service training. Its Core Connect is a one-stop shop for warranty registration, preventative maintenance, service requests and parts orders – making maintaining equipment easy. LifeFitness’ training and education division Life Fitness Academy develops cutting edge fitness education and programming that helps owners optimize their training zones.

These brands manufacturer a wide range of products from HIT Zone tools to kettle bells to treadmills. All three brands provide equipment for both personal and commercial use. Star Trac seems to have a wide range of high-quality products for cardio, strength, and entertainment whereas LifeFitness’ product line has grown significantly, now also representing Hammer Strength, Cybex, SCIFIT, and Indoor Cycling Group.

Commercial fitness equipment updates and awards

The world has changed since 2013 when this blog first ran and the digital revolution certainly leads the way. LifeFitness now promotes a digital coach with a library of 1,500+ exercises that allow gyms to offer an online experience without investing in content development. According to their SEC filings, more than 90 percent of their cardiovascular equipment is connectable with an internet interface for both exercisers and fitness facilities.

Precor’s products are considered to be the most reliable according to a 2009 IHRSA Health Club Equipment Benchmarking Report which ranked Precor #1 in 12 of 14 categories including quality, reliability, ease-of-use, consumer excitement. In 2013 Gold’s Gym Franchisees named Precor Vendor of the Year-Equipment for the fifth time in eight years. The only downside that I would add is that Precor is pricier than the others but well worth the overall product experience.

Financial stability & growth

  • Amer Sports Group manages Precor, which was established in 1980. Since this blog first published,  Precor has expanded its line through acquisition of functional training systems provider Queenax and established a partnership with Mad Dogg Athletics, creators of the Spinning® indoor cycling program.  They’ve greatly expanded their cycling choices, offering a new 600 line of uprights and recumbents.  Most significantly, in December 2020, Peloton announced plans to acquire the equipment manufacturer Precorfor $420 million.
  • LifeFitness was established in 1977 as LifeCycle but  acquired by Brunswick Corporation in 1997. Their products reside in an estimated 250,000 clubs across 160 countries.
  • Star Trac has been showing promising results over the years and it has been steadily increasing earning since its incorporation in 2011 in Irvine, CA. It is now under the wing of corporate holding company Core Health & Fitness, based in Vancouver Washington.

Topic for discussion:

  • What, in your opinion, is the best fitness equipment brand and why?
  • What are some other top notch commercial fitness brands that I did not mention?
  • What are some other factors that you take into consideration when evaluating fitness equipment for your business?

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The blog originally ran Aug. 19, 2013 and updated Jan. 23, 2021.


Lawrence Fagan
December 11, 2018

Thank you for adding to list of brands. It always helps when those of us in the industry share information.

Lawrence Fagan
December 11, 2018

Thank you for adding to the list. All of this information is helpful to anyone looking for gym equipment.

[email protected]
December 1, 2018

For sure you have mentioned top 3 fitness equipment websites, but now there are some more brands catching the attention such as, Cybex International, technogym, Rebook, NuFit, and the list go on. By the way thanks for this cool post.

November 28, 2018

I think you have missed Cybex International and Paramount. These both brands are also very popular among fitness equipment users.

October 12, 2017

I am an advocate of using free weights, rather than overusing every machine you can find. Have you tried using Jordan Fitness? They have a wide variety of free weights which seem to last a lifetime. Everything from dumbells to barbells, benches, and accessories. If you’ve never tried using “Fat Gripz” I’d strongly recommend.

Lawrence Fagan
August 2, 2017

Great thanks for the additional information!

Hardik Oza
August 1, 2017

Real Leader USA is also one of the best brands in India. It’s a US based company & its products are now being manufactured in India as well.

March 31, 2017

It is really hard to choose a commercial gym brand equipment. Despite the financial matter, the competition in this sector getting high especially with new good Chinese brands.
I do prefer life fitness but you gonna pay 25% more comparing with Technogym.

Lawrence Fagan
December 6, 2016

Great link John � I love the idea of high quality equipment from smaller vendors!

EP Fitness Trainer
July 4, 2015

It�s very informative Blog!! Your analysis on them would be very much appreciated as I am going into the gym business.

Vidivir Esplanada
April 19, 2015

I am on the process of buying some gym equipment for my small-time gym and your blog is really helpful. Buying cheap equipment looks tempting, but if you think about quality, you will realize that you’re actually spending more than saving some if you buy cheap gym stuff. Thanks for the info!

March 11, 2015

Is inertia a brand company like precore or other commercial gym brands? I’m having problem pricing out a deck peck commercial machine. It looks same as one of my other hoist machines I own.

April 25, 2014

Nice post, it is worth spending mony on fitness products as one can utilise these euipments to keep their body in shape. At the same time one must search and enquire about the equipments reliability and if the manufacturer meeting all the standards while making the equipments.

Lawrence Fagan
April 17, 2014

Hi Henry,

I have not heard of that specific manufacturer, but I will look into it. Would love to hear your own analysis of the “Lamb Bodybuilding Machines” compared to the other manufacturers mentioned!


Lawrence Fagan
March 23, 2014

Thanks Henry for your input. I will check them out!

Lawrence Fagan
March 22, 2014

Hi Will,

I am not too familiar with home equipment brands and quality. However, I would say that anything that helps you build strength and focus on your health and fitness, is worth investing in.

March 19, 2014

Thanks for sharing this, Lawrence. In answer to your question, in my experience, two of the best brands when it comes to fitness equipment are ‘Weider’ and ‘Powerblock’. Superb quality and highly durable. Check out their adjustable dumbbells.

Will Sykes
March 19, 2014

Hi Lawrence, I’ve been meaning for a few months to invest in a ‘Total Gym’. Have you heard of them? And would you recommend them for building muscle? Thanks for your help, Will.

February 15, 2014

I was searching for the nearest Cybex Arc Trainer model AT770 or AT750 to utilize maximum workout Cardio in least amount of wear n tear on body, knees, etc. w/ minimal affects & effort involved. The Cybex International website referred me to Source Fitness Ctr, in St,Clairsville. I saw your earlier comment on Cybex Equip. & I am specifically seeking to use that particular machine. Are you guys open yet and Do you have a Cybex Arc Trainer at Gym???

Thanks, Ronaldo

Henry Maag
February 10, 2014

Dear Lawrence,

Have you ever heard of a plate-loaded exercise machine manufacturer named “Lamb Bodybuilding Machines”?

I was the president.

Henry Maag

January 8, 2014

The smart treadmills keep the details in the console, saved to each user profile. With a few clicks you can remind yourself daily that you are a runner and your stats speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing the article.

Alice Ross
December 22, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing this. One of the most important things that you should know is what do you want to happen with your body. What kind of changes would you to achieve that you can choose the right equipment for you. Next to that, it is really essential that you will check on the customers or users feedback to certain equipments so that you will know if it renders much positive points or not.

Henry Woods
December 18, 2013

In my opinion the brands are great what you cite in this post but I suggest one thing nobody can buy any fitness equipment without the instruction of a fitness trainer.

Lawrence Fagan
December 10, 2013

Hi Orlee,

For my own gym, I do prefer equipment that is has more of a heavy-duty look and feel. Cybex, to me, does not reflect that. I would consider Cybex for a home gym though.

Despite what type of equipment that you do choose, generally your gym members will not criticize you or prefer something different. It is how you maintain the equipment that is important.

My analysis is strictly to help guide someone through the buying and up-keep process. You definitely want to consider how long a company has been around because I am running into problems with equipment that is practically useless now, because the company no longer exists and hence, I am no longer able to buy parts to maintain it.

I hope I was able to provide some useful insights.


Orlee Lapushin
December 10, 2013

Hi Lawrence,

What has been your experience with Cybex equipment?


Lawrence Fagan
December 6, 2013

Hi Ola,

I do not have any personal experience with Techno Gym Equipment. If you are just starting in the gym business, one good way to decide if it is a good brand is to go directly to one of the gyms in which predominately uses TechnoGym and speak with the staff about their thoughts and their own member feedback on the equipment. Also, you can purchase/lease just a few pieces and then obtain your own membership base feedback.

I hope this helps!

David Miller
December 6, 2013

Yeah there are a number of other pieces of equipment like
bodyblade that can be used to improve fitness levels. Body blade builds muscles, promotes endurance and increases blood flow which promotes good health.

November 27, 2013

Hi, what is your opinion on TechnoGym Equipment.
I really enjoy using their equipment and i have found it is taking over in many gyms.

Your analysis on them would be very much appreciated as I am going into the gym business.

Many thanks

amit sethi
November 20, 2013

In India commercial use gym equipment syndicate gym industry manufacturer quality fitness equipment in india. They manufacturers latest design gym equipment in india. Best price with tested quality parts use to manufacturer such gym equipment s for health clubs and fitness clubs in India.

Lawrence Fagan
October 31, 2013

Thanks for the correction, Issa! Duly noted 🙂

Lawrence Fagan
October 31, 2013


Customer feedback is important in all aspects of business, especially to determine whether or not they are enjoying gym equipment use. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

Lorraine Jacobs
October 30, 2013

It is really best to see and learn the feedback of the customers. From there you will know how the equipment performs and then you can decide if what brand you will get. Investing well on these equipments is essential because you are investing for your body. Being healthy is what we should always want and aim for our body so that we can function well in our work, in our family and in our community.

October 29, 2013

Such an useful message.Choosing a fitness equipment is very important.Thank you for sharing this informative thoughts.

October 19, 2013

I work as the Technical Support Manager in KSA and we are the sole distributors of Life Fitness in the kingdom, Just need to correct an info, Life Fitness actually have after sales service and customer support all around the world and I know that because we annually meet to discuss how to improve the department.

Anrique Steve
October 2, 2013

Very informative blog.Today fitness is essential part of life to keep us healthy and we can made this possible only by using branded fitness equipments like commercial fitness equipment, treadmills etc.

Buy Fitness Equipment Online
September 18, 2013

yeah absolutely true, branded gym fitness equipment is very important and worthy. It will not harm our health. As in cheap fitness equipment, we always remain in fear.

Five Fitness Pune
August 29, 2013

Gym fitness equipments – There are a number of other pieces of equipment that can be used to improve fitness levels. valuable information.

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