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How To Quit Worrying And Learn To Love Data Security

Securing Your Membership's Personally Identifiable Data Now might be a good time to look at Data Security and what gym businesses need to keep in mind. For example, if you take electronic payments, you have to follow the rules of the Card Payment Industry. Your business needs data about your membership, and that comes with risks. These days, gym business owners and operators need to be acutely aware of the threats that can materialize out of left field. Now that you can keep track of so much data about your membership, you have to protect it. Your business depends on [...]

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Thoughts On Security Data Breaches And Liability

Sounding The Data Breach Alarm Again Once again I'm writing about the issue of liability in financial data. Data breaches can affect more than credit cards, although the driving force is the card companies' clamp down on fraud and identity theft. As the merchant, that is the account that is taking the payment will soon be responsible for the loss of information and fraudulent payments, as well as the theft and fraud that can be had with stolen identifying information. As the owner of a small gym business this means you are going to need to be extra vigilant. Having [...]

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Target’s Data Breach Impacts the Health Club Industry

Maybe you've heard about how retail giant Target had a huge data breach in 2013. If you were exceptionally unfortunate, you know about it because of fraudulent activity somewhere in your personal credit profile. As a gym owner it may be hitting you particularly hard by interfering with your monthly membership revenue. In response you have to chase after payments and update card numbers on a scale that is putting a lot of pressure on you, your managers and your bottom line. The Target Scandal So, what happened to Target? The short answer is that they had something like 70 [...]