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The United States Marine Corps War Memorial depicting the flag raising at Iwo Jima

Health Club Promotions That Give Back

The Memorial Day Weekend is approaching as I write this and I am reminded that those who served our country are among the most deserving of our support. When it comes to charity donations gym and fitness center owners can make a great contribution by including marketing promotions that give back. I have a bias toward giving to veterans’ causes and I make no apologies for it. There’s a vast amount of need because, as a country, we’ve been asking so much of so many for so long now. It also troubles me to hear of the delays and shortcomings [...]

American Flag on a pole waiving in the wind

10 Cost Effective Ways to Promote your Fitness Business

Marketing your gym is an ongoing process.  Placing an advertisement periodically here and there will not be enough for your business to survive.  You always have to be proactively thinking about the next promotional idea, slogan, or campaign.  There are a handful of ways that are cost efficient and will effectively promote your gym business your within your immediate target area.  Here 10 ways to help get you started. 1.  Sponsor charities. Simply choose a charitable event or charity organization and do short term and long term promotions.  A short term promotion idea would be to donate all new members' [...]

Autumn leaves falling into a big pile of other leaves

Creative Fall Promotion Ideas for Gyms

As the Southern hemisphere experienced a change in season – from winter to spring – on September 22nd, the Northern parts of the world entered autumn. The transition, known as the autumnal equinox, from summer to fall in the North marks the beginning of a season filled with festivals and celebrations in the United States. With important holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween around the corner, it's time to draw up plans for promoting your brand and bringing in more members to your gym. Here are a few ideas to help you with your fall promotion: Halloween Although fitness and Halloween [...]