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AR Augments Your Fitness Center For A New Reality

I recently wrote a post about virtual reality and mentioned Augmented Reality, which extends VR into the real world. When you superimpose digital images onto the real world with AR software that makes them interact with your physical space. So, all of this talk about things likes VR and AR in the gym sound like science fiction, but they are coming at us fast. We still don't know how things will play out, but the technology is largely in place it just remains for entrepreneurs and consumers to figure out what works and what they want. VR Enters Your Reality [...]


Will Virtual Reality Be Coming To Your Fitness Center Soon?

The new technologies of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are set to change the fitness industry if the current trend continues. Both VR and AR have threatened to do something interesting for years now. But this time the promise might turn into VR products that consumers can use. Your gym members may soon demand fitness equipment that allows them to connect to digitally rendered worlds and games while they work out. Digital devices and smartphones have changed the way consumers use technology; they don't think twice about exploring and testing new apps. Keeping up with your neighbor means having the [...]