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Mastering The Subscriptions Model And Avoiding The Obvious Mistakes

A whole new class of businesses has discovered the subscription business model. Many internet-based startups realize that monthly memberships suit them better than selling one-time up-front payment for products and services. The business model for fitness has long been club subscription memberships along with add-on features and in gym purchases. Changes in technologies and consumer preferences have helped to make automated payments over time more appealing. Subscribing For Short-Term Wins The psychology of subscriptions changes the way customers think about your business. The pain of massive up-front payments that scare off prospects, without consideration for the big picture. A monthly sum is much [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

Get a Report Whenever a Sale Is Made!

I just couldn’t head into the weekend without giving everyone a new treat. Everyone has been asking for it and it’s slightly overdue – but here it is: You can now have reports sent to you whenever something new is entered! I know this doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if you want to know exactly when something is sold at one of your locations, this new feature is for you! Every time something is entered at one of your locations where you have set your report subscription frequency to On Change, you will receive a copy of that report emailed [...]