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Strategic Planning And The Time To Reflect On You Gym Business

When Is Now A Good Time For Planning And Strategy? Finding strategy and purpose in the fitness industry is perhaps not as challenging as in some other business sectors. However, it always pays to pause and reflect occasionally, on such things as strategy and planning for the future of your small gym business. Getting The Right Answer Means Asking Good Questions If you want to find direction for your strategy, ask yourself, how can you better serve your membership? It is never a wrong time to think about this question. Is your business a fitness club or is it fitness? [...]


5 Insights Startup Gyms Need To Beat The Big Clubs

The Five Forces of Competition The fitness business offers plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and trainers to found startup gym businesses. Your gym can compete against established studios and big box fitness corporations; you just have to be savvy about it. The same factors that define competition within the industry will also show where you can make your entrance and your strategy that will grow the business. Any business situation has potential competitive threats. The gym business is no exception. Michael Porter of Harvard University first laid out a catalog of the Five Forces, which every company faces in one [...]

2014 Wall Calendar with "I am the master of my domain" printed on it.

The Jerry Seinfeld Success Strategy

Because my gym has been doing well recently, I've been forced to analyze all my financials. I say this because I had been solely relying on the competence of my bookkeepers for the past couple of years, blindly thinking that they would do a good job. I was so wrong! The past few weeks, I have been scrambling to brush up on basic accounting principals in order to answer basic questions that are not clearly defined by the books. That means I am completely redoing everything that the bookkeeper did (or in my opinion, did not do). The Jerry Seinfeld [...]