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Changing Track To Try Out New Gym Business Opportunities

To Change Or Not To Change Are you thinking about starting a new gym business or changing the direction of the one you operate now? If you're not, I'm not suggesting you should, but if things haven't worked quite the way you planned or, if the market has peaked and begun to tail off, you might be wondering about making a change. The choice between staying the course in a mediocre business model and finding a new one that's better is the conundrum of the ages. There's even a name for the syndrome that business owners and entrepreneurs face, it's [...]

Crossfit Group Train Box Jumps

CrossFit Trend Or Fad

It seems like lately I can't help but notice that workout spaces have been popping up with the name CrossFit displayed in bold letters across the front of the building. Gyms that offer this new workout system have been spreading like wildfire. Because it's such a mixed and intense way of working out, CrossFit licensees, or affiliates as the brand calls them, need to be expert at fitness, personal training and injury prevention. It appears to present a huge opportunity for trainers to become owners. However, the question remains: Is it a true fitness trend or is it a fad [...]