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Membership Payment System For Your Gym Business

The Price Of Taking Gym Payments In sales, they say something like, "you're only as good as your last paycheck!" That rings true for small gym business owners too. So, it's a problem if a service takes a payment on your behalf and delays sending funds to your bank account. One of the most useful automations for a small fitness studio or gym is the one that keeps the payments flowing in, without delays or excessive amounts of work on your part. Unfortunately, that's not always a given. Allow me to explain. Taking Recurring Payments For Memberships The system you [...]

Oiling Gears

Get Organized with the Gym Insight Enhanced Billing Model

How does a small gym get the most out of its software and payment processing resources? What is the right combination of services to best support gym owners and their managers in the battle against the seemingly unlimited resources of the multinational big-box brands of the fitness industry? I have been working hard to answer those questions both for Insight and for my own small gym. The extensive market research that I have been conducting has showed me that there literally is a middle way. To that end, I am proud to announce that Gym Insight is launching a new [...]

Payment Gateway Safe, Key and Credit Cards

PayPal for Gym Businesses

Health Clubs or training studios that have just opened their doors will require an efficient system of receiving payments. Instead of having a landscape system, it is much easier if your accounts are taken care of through a payment gateway online. Additionally, payment gateways configured with a gym management system has many advantages. This post will focus on one payment gateway, PayPal. PayPal specifically is set up to where a new health clubs and personal trainers can easily acquire a merchant account in a shorter amount of time than most other payment gateway options. 1. Simple and easy to use [...]