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How Client Programming Consolidates New Member Retention

In fitness, client programming is the key to operational success. There are several reasons for that. Let's explore them and look at why it is that gym business operators can't ignore this organizing principle. The best way to consolidate new gym membership sales is to draw your new members into a series of instructions to get them moving ahead and focused on fitness, not buyer's remorse. Of course, client programming is much more than that, it is the professional basis for any organized fitness activities. Gym Members Need Structure It's the people who need a structure the most who can [...]


Why Client Acquisition Is Critical In The Gym Business

Planning For Client Acquisition Success After my last post about starting your own business, the logical follow-up is a blog about client acquisition. Yes, that post did go into details about how important it is to understand your customers. Also, there is no doubt that finding your niche is the key to success too. You need a practical, step-by-step plan to acquire new members. What that means is a plan to get them in the front door, signed up, and working out. While you should build a funnel for membership sales, you don't want to get caught in a formula [...]


How To Motivate Your Clients For Better Retention

Motivation is a most elusive beast. Given sufficient motivation, anyone can achieve the sort of fitness results that they might wish to attain, but relatively few do. The motivation qualification is one of those optical illusions that gets harder to find the closer it gets. As the owner of a gym, boutique studio, or fitness club, you obviously want to motivate your members to turn up and work out; you want to motivate them to get involved and purchase premium products and services. Most of all, you want to drive them to get results, which will do more than keep [...]

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Your Gym Membership Retention Specialist Holds The Key

Over the past week I learned a very important lesson. For my small gym, I wrongly thought that my manager and personal trainers were enough. What I realize now is that this isn't true. Having one employee dedicated to member retention is a necessity. I had a revelation: Member engagement, satisfaction, and overall care must be the responsibility of one person alone. This role has to be completely separate from anyone that has a sales, customer service or training role. As a team that operates a small gym my staff understand that selling memberships, other services and products piggybacks every [...]

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Unusual & Effective Fitness Equipment

Unusual fitness equipment has its advantages in both attracting new customers to your fitness business and retaining current members. Encouraging New Gym Goers Join Your Gym When new customer walks through your door that has never had a gym membership, emphasize why the variety of your gym equipment is important to their overall fitness regimen. Inform them that gym equipment is scientifically designed to ensure that when you use it, you are actually burning more calories as well as increasing the strength in your muscles. The reason why personal trainers and fitness instructors emphasize the use of the equipment is [...]