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Mobile Fitness Apps Part 3: Mobile For Managers And Members

In this blog post I want to balance out some of the enthusiasm that I put into the previous two articles in the series on mobile fitness apps. This article changes gears somewhat; it’s a discussion about where the boundaries lie in mobile computing, in support of fitness businesses. I have already given the case for having apps and now I would just like to mention some of the characteristics and limits that define what mobile apps are and what they can do. A Fork In The Road Mobile friendly websites are not the same as mobile applications. The web [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

User Managers

We’ve received several requests for the ability to assign managers to the users within Insight. If you choose to assign a manager to one or more of your users, that manager will have the ability to view those users’ commission sheets. This is particularly useful if you have a user who is responsible for payroll or for approving the sessions that your personal trainers have entered. Here’s how you do it: First, go to your user management screen:   Notice how there is a new column (“Manager”) in the user listing. Next, select one of your users: From the Edit [...]