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Embracing the Cluster and Responding to Competition

Ever notice that gyms all seem to cluster together in one corner of the neighborhood? It’s like where all four corners of an intersection each have a gas station on them. How does that work? And what does that mean for the small business owner? It works because everyone gets to maximize their presence in the market and the cluster makes everyone more visible than they would be alone. The sum of the businesses is greater than the parts. If you have no other choice but to open a gym in a fitness saturated area, here are some positive economic [...]

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Best Health Club Locations

If you are planning on opening a health club, gym, or fitness studio, location is going to be vital for your new business. This is because people primarily choose health clubs that are nearest to their homes or those locations that are the most convenient and accommodates their daily routines.  Additionally, you will need to consider whether you will be buying or renting the commercial space. If you are opening a health club for the first time, here are some factors to consider on choosing a place that will set up your fitness business for success.  Which Part of the [...]

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Location Dashboard

Hi Guys: By now, you've probably noticed the new location dashboard. The dashboard is now the first screen you will see if you log into Insight and you are an Owner. If you are a manager, you will still see the Production screen. If you are a personal trainer (and not a manager), you will see the Client List by default. The dashboard is our attempt to quantify the key daily metrics for your gyms. We're working on an overview dashboard for those of you with multiple locations that will summarize the daily performance of all your locations on one [...]