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Funding Your Gym The Silicon Valley Way

Stages Of Building Your Empire The readers of Gym Insight are a pretty diverse group of people; some have aspirations to gym ownership and others are already there. So let’s look at one of the sexiest ways to get business funding. This is how the tech startups go about bootstrapping up from nothing and how the process can be applied to your situation. The levels of investment and startup success that have come from the tech industry works in stages as follows: Seed Money from your own pocket Friends and Family investment from those who truly believe in you Early [...]


Gym Business Niches You Wish You Thought Of

The Fitness Experience Companies like SoulCycle and Spartan Race are focused on the experience you have during training or as goals to meet for preparatory training. Other systems like CrossFit demand much of your body and even with proper supervision by certified staff you can easily strain muscles and joints in practice. SoulCycle is a great example of a fitness business carving out a niche because it defies the trend away from spinning classes, which are apparently in decline. By matching charismatic instructors and style with what might otherwise be a limited format the company has created an enthusiastic base [...]


Updates & Bug Fixes OH MY!

Updated the Dues Change Report to add year-over-year changes: The Dues Change Report will now show you a comparison with how you’re doing from the same date a year ago. This helpful snapshot can show you in a split second if you’re making progress or if you need some help! Remember, under your user profile you can have the Dues Change Report automatically emailed to you every night if you turn that option on! Learn More Added welcome letter, past-due letter, and past-due email previews: If you go to your location settings, you can now see a preview of the welcome letter, past-due [...]


Differentiating Price and Value In Premium Gym Memberships

Do Premium Gym Memberships Have A Future? Why are there some gym business models that seem to be in huge demand while still charging top dollar for memberships? I think that the simple answer is that there are enough members who are shopping by value and not price. It’s not about competing based on what the gym across the street is charging, it’s about finding the things that you are truly great at and which are in demand and matching the two together. Too many small businesses fail to understand this important distinction, not just in the gym business but [...]


Building Strong Reputation Foundations From Membership Testimonials

Taking Your Reputation Forward By Asking For Testimonials If you have a system that currently gets testimonials and positive reviews from your membership that is a gift! If you can get testimonials easily, you’re golden. If not, join the club! It’s not usually easy to elicit praise from customers on the record, even when they are completely happy with your service. The secret is to ask, and to ask at the right time. Two Words Explain Why Customer Testimonials Work So, the question is: What do testimonials matter? Getting testimonials and positive reviews from your membership is worth a lot [...]


Unboxing the Gym Experience

When The Unboxing Experience Feels Like Your Birthday I recently set up a local service with a card reader. The company that sent the reader seems to have a real insight into the concept of experience, particularly the unboxing experience. The reader is well designed but so was the box that it came in. It contained three cleverly designed and satisfying layers of wrapping that had to be peeled away or opened and then a final layer of protective plastic that was strangely the best part to remove. These days, it's no surprise that people unbox their tech-toys and upload the [...]

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Getting Disruptive With Calendars

One of the most disruptive trends in technology in the last few decades has been the leveraging and (pardon the fancy talk) disintermediation of the old ways that made the wheels of commerce go round. That means that new technologies that are labor saving and disrupting of the status quo cause big changes. Here’s an old-fashioned example: Long before there was MS Word there were typewriters. These days, typewriters are an antique collector’s pride and joy, more than objects of any functional uses. For previous generations the typewriter was a labor saving essential for the workplace. Companies had entire typing [...]


Gym Management Systems for Dummies

As a gym owner, health club operator, or as a freelance personal trainer, without a doubt, one or more of the following questions crosses your mind daily... How much personal training did our Brentwood gym sell last week? Who is the top grossing salesperson at our Freemont club? How did our Spring Valley team perform against their goals last month? How much EFT do we need to set up at our Downtown club to hit our goal this month? Which one of our health clubs is selling the most annual membership agreements? How much EFT did we set up yesterday? [...]

Payment Gateway Safe, Key and Credit Cards

PayPal for Gym Businesses

Health Clubs or training studios that have just opened their doors will require an efficient system of receiving payments. Instead of having a landscape system, it is much easier if your accounts are taken care of through a payment gateway online. Additionally, payment gateways configured with a gym management system has many advantages. This post will focus on one payment gateway, PayPal. PayPal specifically is set up to where a new health clubs and personal trainers can easily acquire a merchant account in a shorter amount of time than most other payment gateway options. 1. Simple and easy to use [...]

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Insight is Now Integrated with PayPal!

Insight has recently received several requests to integrate with PayPal.   Well, we heard you loud and clear! Now, Insight will work seamlessly with PayPal once you've entered your PayPal API settings.  Anyone, no matter how small your business is or if your business is just getting started - can start using Insight!  Insight even has documentation giving step-by-step instructions on how to get started!

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Insight v2 starts beta testing!

We’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve started beta testing Insight version 2! Version 2 will combine all of the features of our two primary products and will provide a seamless platform for member management, billing, access, sales, and payroll! We’d also like to extend a special thank you to our loyal clients who are helping us with this beta test. Version 2 will be available for public release by the end of March!

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User Managers

We’ve received several requests for the ability to assign managers to the users within Insight. If you choose to assign a manager to one or more of your users, that manager will have the ability to view those users’ commission sheets. This is particularly useful if you have a user who is responsible for payroll or for approving the sessions that your personal trainers have entered. Here’s how you do it: First, go to your user management screen:   Notice how there is a new column (“Manager”) in the user listing. Next, select one of your users: From the Edit [...]

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Undo Personal Training Sessions

It is now possible for personal trainers to undo previously trained session. Essentially, they would only need to do this in the event that they made a mistake in entering a session. However, it's been a persistently asked for feature! Here's how it works, from the client list screen, the trainer (or manager) would need to click on either the Purchased or Trained column of the desired client: Then, from the client view page you'll notice a new icon on sessions that have been completed but aren't expired: If you hover your mouse over the icon, you'll see a description: [...]

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Insight: How To Run A Report + Report Index

Sure, the electronic logging, calculating is great but what makes the program, Insight? Our automated reports can be ran at any moment - whether to check daily production, user productivity, company performance, payroll and more. Why is the reporting feature such a highlight of Insight? For starters, all reports are calculated within the program (no more spending time crunching sales numbers), you can run a report at any time of the day so you know EXACTLY what your business is doing. But, the most noteworthy feature of Insight reports is the automated email capabilities.That's right, you don't event have to [...]