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Is It Time To Hire A Gym Business Manager?

Facing The Day You Decide To Hire Managers When it comes to hiring new people for critical positions in a growing business, gym owners often find that it's a tricky affair; the needs are many, and so are the hazards. It's one of the things that can have a lasting impact on your company and your ability to scale your outfit up to enterprise scale. When your gym membership grows, and you have a small hourly or commission-based team that needs more direction than you can manage on your own, it is time to start considering the possibilities of bringing [...]

Noah's Ark with Animals

Hiring Gym Employees Two By Two: The Noah’s Ark Philosophy

Doubling up on employees may seem like a luxury, but when the pressure's on, you'll be glad you did. Just as Noah filled the Ark with animals two by two before the flood, you have to hire staff in twos. The alternative is that you risk being stuck at the most awkward and stressful time without someone to whom you can delegate a critical function of your gym's operation. If you own or manage a small fitness center you always need contingency plans, especially when it comes to staffing. Large companies have all kinds of luxuries that come with the [...]