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Boosting Revenue Is Great But Keep It Simple

I Am About To Contradict Myself Strange as it may seem, this is a rebuttal to my previous post about boosting revenue. Yes, increased margin is good, but too much of a good thing can take your gym off focus, especially in the early days. Some of the most successful companies have the simplest offerings, i.e., they stick to what they do best. In that post, I gave a list of different things that gym owners and managers can do to boost revenue, based on the various points on the profit and loss statement and how you can leverage them [...]


The Secret To Boosting Membership Revenue

Keeping Your Gym Doors Open You've undoubtedly heard the expression cash is king, and you'll probably agree without much hesitation that revenue is the vital resource for your company. Even if you never deal with cash per se, revenue is the cash that drives your business forward; it's the very breath of your organization. Your membership structure is most likely your primary income source and all your members contribute a share to your success. However, there are always opportunities to give better service or provide products that will make your members' experience better and which will boost your revenue in [...]

Protein Powder Container

Best Products For Your Gym’s Nutritional Counter

Millions of people around the world take protein powders, vitamins and supplements to slow down aging, maintain good heath and build muscles. As a result of the current agricultural practices, the soil has lost some of its fertility. This has negatively affected the quality of food grown in such soils. Food processing, preserving and cooking also destroy vital nutrients. The body has a constant need for nutrients, which has to be replenished. One of the best ways to do so is to take supplements. If you are a gym owner, stocking nutritional products at the counter can give you an [...]