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Fitness Business Decisions Based on Bayesian Priors

You may be thinking, "OK, Gym Insight, what are you doing posting about esoteric mathematical concepts like Bayesian Priors?" First of all, it's 2018 and living in the future demands that we apply futuristic methods. Second, I promise not to start quoting mathematical equations. Finally, there is probably something that any fitness business owner can learn by using a little statistical discipline to their business model. What Is This Bayesian Thing? It is more than a method; it's a way of looking at the world. You have a position, a view that you formed for whatever reason. You can test [...]

Question mark made out of money

Of Marketing Gurus and Gym Promotions

One of the most insightful marketers ever is a man from Indiana named Jay Abraham, possibly you've heard of him. He's an author and marketing consultant who has produced many books, seminars, and audio programs of his marketing philosophy. He comes to mind because it's January and that means that it's the peak promotion season in the gym management and fitness-centered world. Every New Year I'm reminded how almost everything he's written has proven to be true. One thing that Abraham writes about is how promotions can be so non-linear that just a slight change in wording or graphics can [...]