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Gym Business Boosts with Retail Merchandise and Supplements

Promote Your Fitness Club with Private Label Branding Nothing brings credibility to a small fitness club like a unique fitness concept built around a strong brand. As long as you have a robust gym management software system as a foundation, you start to develop streams of income that complement your client programming. It also helps to have your brand on merchandise and products for sale in your gym's store or front desk. You don't need much floor space for these high-margin sales. Now, you can even add custom merchandise and e-commerce pages to your club website with ease. This is [...]


Fitness Feedback Loops That Could Teach Wall Street a Lesson

The Sound of Fitness Club Amplification Feedback loops are weird. Put the front desk mic up a little too close to the speaker just one time, and everybody loses their minds (I swear it was an accident). That characteristic squeal is a feedback loop of amplification that builds on itself quickly to an unbearable screaming limit. In fitness training for clients, you see something similar, but in a good way. It's a much more gradual loop of growing fitness and confidence that translates into confidence and enthusiasm that produces a stronger workout ethic in your clients and better physical results. [...]