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How to Avoid Potential Liability Pitfalls of Owning and Operating a Gym

One unfortunate reality all business owners must face is that the risk of being held legally responsible for accidents on your business premises is greater than ever. This is especially true for gym owners. In the fitness industry, where clients will be engaging in intense and possibly dangerous physical activity using equipment provided by your facility, you must take every precaution against potential liability pitfalls. What are some gym liability risks you should be aware of? Though an exhaustive list of legal risks would be nearly impossible to put together, the following are the biggest or most common problems gym [...]


Quality Fitness Certifications

Fitness trainers are the bread and butter employees of gyms and fitness centers. Knowledgeable, effective trainers lend credibility to their workplace and make clients feel like their money is well spent. However, underqualified or ineffective trainers might have the opposite effect, leading clients to seek fitness expertise elsewhere. How can you, as a gym owner, ensure that your trainers are offering the best and most current industry knowledge and maintaining high standards for health and safety? A good starting point is to evaluate their third party fitness certifications. These credentials prove that a trainer has passed a fitness organization's tests [...]


Success Starts at Certification for Fitness Club Founders

Proper Preparation for The Gym Business Getting prepared and qualified to be a fitness club founder is like laying the foundations for a home or a mighty fortress. The better the foundations, the longer the structure (of your fitness business) will last, and the higher you can build. If you've had a long career as a trainer, or been a successful manager for a big box fitness brand for many years, you're probably ready right now. On the other extreme, if you're just out of school or starting from scratch, now's an excellent time to seek a fitness certification or [...]


Add A Sports Nutrition Certification to Your Continuing Education

If your career is in fitness, you know that continuing education is a never-ending process. Promoting dietary habits and nutrition that improve health and deliver higher performance levels has to be one of the most important things you can offer your clients. If you don't have it already, getting certified in sports nutrition is an add-on skill that will make the most difference in the performance and lives of your membership. Make Sure Your Offering Is An Information-Based Service One of the purposes of continuing education in fitness is to help you stay ahead of the competition. It's a knowledge-based [...]


Fitness Certifications Make The Gym Business Go Round

Businesses Built On Fitness Certification Paper Fitness certifications are essential in the gym industry. The qualifications you hold are the frameworks that tie this people-intensive profession together. Earning additional personal trainer certifications will help you grow the business. Helping your trainers get new qualifications is a perk that helps them be confident of a future career as well as keeping your company on track. If you already work in the fitness profession, this is probably so obvious you may not even think about it much. So, if you are just exploring how you can own a business in fitness and [...]