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Crowdfunding For Gym Business Impact

Jumpstarting Your Gym Business With The JOBS Act For those of us who are not in finance it might come as a surprise that there has recently been a watershed moment in the history of business investment. This was the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act, which changed the rules for private equity and start up finance. This of course has happened right at the time when digital marketing has changed the way that markets are created and innovation is driving the economy in new directions. Opportunities and funding options are opening up that would have never been dreamed [...]


Price Changing Factors For Gym Owners

They say that price setting is an art form, but in my experience, so is juggling flaming torches. They both can be impressive done well, but there is serious potential of getting burned as you go up the learning curve. Changing prices, after your members have had time to get used to a previous price, is a unique challenge where you can get burned if you are not careful. Price Changing Factors For Gyms Any kind of decision-making about prices in business has to be based in the real world of business success. Sales, marketing and finance are the main [...]