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Exercise Series 7: The Kettlebell Swing

Previously in the Exercise Series, we have covered major weightlifting movements such as the deadlift and bench press. Today, we'll be looking in detail at a lesser-known exercise known as the kettlebell swing. This is another highly effective and beneficial exercise that requires excellent form to avoid injuries. As a gym owner, you can learn the essentials of this exercise to make sure you're providing your clientele a safe and encouraging environment in which to do their kettlebell swings. Benefits Major proponents of kettlebells are often amazed at how little the average exerciser knows about kettlebell workouts in general. Kettlebells [...]

Dynasty Buffet signage Fail with burned out lights

Reinvesting – Functional Obsolescence

Beating Functional Obsolescence Gym ownership is actually a pretty dynamic business, in case you didn't already know that (you're welcome). Rapidly changing trends mean that you always have to be on the lookout for a shift in what the membership expects. On a more basic level you need to reinvest to protect your assets, as they say. You can't have old, broken-down exercise machines that just take up space. You can't afford to have shabby signage outside with burnt out lights or missing letters. That is why, as a gym owner who sees other gym operations all the time, I'm [...]