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RFID card and reader

Access Types Compared

Barcoded Key Tags Or RFID For Easy Entry RFID and Barcoded key tags are two widely used types of systems for gym access control, in common usage with gym management software systems. Gym Insight supports both key technologies, it’s just a matter of which suits your needs best. Each has its uses, advantages and weaknesses. Fortunately there are two clear paths along which to tread and they match up neatly with one or the other of the access types. A small gym that has remote management and unattended 24 hour access has different needs to the one that has open [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

Insight: How To Enter A New Membership Sale

Now that you have an account what do you do? This 'How To' will show you how to enter a new membership sale through Insight. Step 1: Go to gyminsight.com and log in. *Don't have an account? Learn how to sign up for your free trial here. Step 2: Welcome to your dashboard! Your dashboard gives you an overview of all things Insight. See changes in membership, personal training, other sales, and monitor your daily/ monthly progress in one quick view. Step 3: Ready to enter a new membership sale? Click on PRODUCTION Step 4: Your Production page breaks down [...]