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Combine Fitness Brands to Become a Gym Marketing Whirlwind

Personal Branding Revisited This is a follow-up piece to my recent post about Personal Branding for Fitness Entrepreneurs. There's a lot to cover in the topic, as well as about branding in general. Also, once you have it as part of your entrepreneurial mindset, branding is as powerful as a clean and tidy gym in drawing new members through your front door. As a fitness professional and business founder, you should consider that your personal name is an asset worth building, as well as the brand of your gym business company. If some big box fitness brand offers you many [...]


Gym Business Sales And Some Negotiation Lessons from TV

The Principle of Winning For all of the modern technology in the world, the principles that make the foundations of business are as accurate as they are old. While we designed the Insight Gym Management Software Suite to be a tool that will drive efficiency and profitability, it does so by the fundamentals of business management. One of the most fundamental concepts in business is this: Nothing happens until somebody sells something. Selling is the most fundamental principle in business, and much of everything else follows from it directly. If you can transform the culture of your gym into a [...]


7 Small Business Entrepreneur Hacks I Found On The Internet

Leverage These Life Hacks to Produce More Results Technology has brought a whole new style of entrepreneur into existence. Independent trainers, small gym business owners, or even franchisees of big-box chains, like Gold's Gym, can make the most of some of the life hacks that complement the things they already do daily. I've written about some of these tips and tricks on the Gym Insight Blog before, but a few are new. 1. Do Remote Training Sessions with FaceTime or Skype It's the human contact that clients want from their training sessions, as well as fitness, and almost everyone has [...]


Fitness Entrepreneurs Find A Friend In Inefficiency

Here's some more economics stuff, but it's golden, so if you're an aspiring fitness entrepreneur, stick with me here. If there were perfect competition, no one would make a profit. The fact is there are hidden opportunities that arise because the gym industry has quirks that make it possible for an enterprising gym enthusiast-slash-professional to make a splash. Getting In The Mix While Standing Apart Even if the biggest McBigBox franchise were to open right across from your studio or club, the fact that it's there might be a sign that you are in the right place and you can [...]