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Four Tips on Finding Great Gym Employees

How can you find good employees for your gym? Individuals who express your values and create an environment in which members will thrive? It’s never an easy task, but we’ve brainstormed multiple ways you can scout and hire good people. These ideas are culled from our discussions with other gym owners, as well our own experiences in the job market. Four tips to finding good gym employees 1.     Recruit from your membership The people who visit your gym already love it. Why not bring them in on the action? We’ve spoken with more than one gym owner who found particular members [...]


Employee Retention Requires You Set The Right Tone

When you have the highest possible rate of employee retention it keeps the work and the cost down; it will also reflect in your levels of membership retention too. Unfortunately, hiring staff can be like jumping on a treadmill that's cranked up to eleven; it's hard work that takes all your time and another expense to eat into your bottom line if you have to keep doing it. The point of having employees is to have reliable and competent agents, so you can go home, relax, and sleep soundly at night, leaving them in charge. It is enough hard work [...]