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How to Successfully Advertise Your Gym On The Web

Digital marketing is here to stay. Chances are you’ve already dipped into online advertising by promoting your fitness center on social media. However, when it comes to spending money on digital advertising, where should you start? To understand the fundamentals of digital marketing we turned to Get Amplified Marketing Group owner Nick Sakkis for some answers.  First, what kind of budget do I need? There are two main players in the digital ad world: Facebook and Google.  If your budget is $1,000 or less a month, Facebook (which also owns Instagram) is the most cost effective promotion. Facebook and Instagram attract different viewers, [...]


Your Website Is No Longer An Optional Extra

Picking Up The Pace Of Fitness Business Marketing Having a website is pretty much a fundamental part of marketing for any business these days. In the gym business there are numerous ways that having a digital home helps you communicate and connect. But there are different levels of presence of effort that are completely disconnected from one another. First, it's now a standard that your website has to be equally readable from computer screens and mobile devices, so anything you publish must be readily accessible to each. Second, like anything else in business, you get a return out of it [...]