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The Insights Of Bruce Lee

It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessential. This quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee is so simple, yet it says so much of what success is all about, in gym ownership, in business and life in general. You can spend hours doing little things or find the big things that matter; they may look the same at first. But when all the other things drop away you can still take the essential factors and use them to achieve the final outcomes you desire. This is what sculptors do when they carve [...]

Measuring tape, plant growing, and pennies

Measure, Improve & Grow Your Business’ Profit!

The age old adage “what gets measured gets improved” holds a lot of value for businesses. This phrase is often tossed around when you are being convinced to add a metric to your scorecard or in today's world of technology, the dashboard. The basic theory underlying this phrase is that if you can measure “x”, then you will improve the performance of your business. But the implementation of this phrase isn’t an easy task. Merely measuring a quantity doesn’t ensure that if actions are taken the performance will improve. For instance, consider how a rain gauge works. The gauge shows [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

Location Dashboard

Hi Guys: By now, you've probably noticed the new location dashboard. The dashboard is now the first screen you will see if you log into Insight and you are an Owner. If you are a manager, you will still see the Production screen. If you are a personal trainer (and not a manager), you will see the Client List by default. The dashboard is our attempt to quantify the key daily metrics for your gyms. We're working on an overview dashboard for those of you with multiple locations that will summarize the daily performance of all your locations on one [...]