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Protecting Customer Information

Four Tips for Protecting Customer Credit Card Information in Your Fitness Business Data breaches involving credit card numbers and other financial information unfortunately have become common for consumers. According to a Gemalto report, there were 1,540 data breaches worldwide in 2014, which compromised more than one billion data records. These breaches can affect businesses across the board, including those in the fitness industry. Customer credit card information can be obtained through large hacking operations or on a much smaller scale. Sometimes, it can be a small mishap that gives way to a large security invasion. It only takes one person [...]


Credit Card Liability And You

Credit Card Crackdown What is going on with that whole credit card change out, due to be completed by October? It looks like there will be a big panic right at the last minute as retailers (including the fitness industry) will be doing all of the things that they should have done already to try to accommodate the mandatory shift over to the EMV Chip-and-PIN cards for all electronic payment transactions. In recent years credit card companies and merchant services have clamped down on the amount of information that they allow vendors or retailers to retain at the point of [...]

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Know Your Gym Insight Terms

Limber up your jargon muscles and stretch out your vocal cords! We're talking gym management and fitness center business vocabulary again! It's been a while since I wrote about jargon in the gym business. So I think it is time to review some more of the terms that you need to use and know to understand gym professionals, in reference to the business and the activities that support it. Gym Insight has posted articles written about this before but I think it's an important topic and there are some terms that need to be added to the original list. There [...]