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Personal trainer with clipboard talking to his client

Personal Trainer Prep: 3 Questions a New Client Will Likely Ask You

You’d be forgiven for assuming that each and every professional working in the health and fitness industry today was of the same caliber, but you’d also be very wrong indeed. In reality, the differences can be night and day which for clients and customers can mean the difference between fast results and no results at all. So with this in mind, here are three questions clients are more than likely to ask any prospective personal trainer before they agree to sign up: What Qualifications do You Possess? Qualifications often amount to no more than words on paper, but in this [...]

dumbbell and juice

The Benefits of Organic Juicing with Your Fitness Program

Organic juicing is a great way to consume vegetables and fruits that are needed to improve fitness levels. Generally, an individual must consume about five servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Considering that your clients exercise on a regular basis, you can recommend them even more number of servings as their nutritional requirements would be greater. Replenishing the minerals and vitamins regularly after exercise is vital for fitness performance, recovery, and overall health. Organic juices are the ultimate fast food Organic juices have virtually zero fat and a lot of nutrients, which means the digestive system does not take long [...]

Health and Fitness Word Puzzle

Delete Personal Training Clients

Hi Guys, I've had many requests for the ability to delete old personal training clients (some of you have hundreds or thousands of old clients showing in your client lists). So here you go:On the personal training client view, you'll notice a new button: If you click on the Delete Client button, you will be asked if you are sure you'd like to delete the client. If you click OK, the training client will be deleted from your main client list.If you'd like to see which clients have been deleted, you can click on the Deleted Clients button on the [...]