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The Best New Continuing Education Fitness Industry Options

We've arrived at a golden age of trainer certification and continuing education options. There's an extensive range of possibilities in fitness to update your skills and to expand your value to the membership of your fitness organization. As you probably already know, continuing education is a fundamental feature of the profession. Adding to your skills and qualifications helps grow your organization if you pursue it in a coordinated manner. Considerations When You Choose Your CECs Choosing your present courses and credits depends on your accrediting institution of course. However, the leading fitness education organizations have diverse choices of new skills [...]

Practice Test Exam and a Pencil

What You Need to Know About Personal Trainer Certification

Getting your certification as a personal trainer can propel you into a new and satisfying career. But before you launch your website, start your Twitter feed, and begin to look for clients, there is something you need to do first. Pass your certification exam. Okay, so that may seem as easy as doing 50 one-armed pushups. Which exam should you take? ACE? ISSA? NASM? AFAA? ACSM? Or one of the many other accredited personal trainer certification exams? What should you know before you take the exam? What's the exam like? Where should you start? A Beginner's Guide to Personal Trainer [...]