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Gym Businesses That Help Members Slow Down

If you started a business where the point was to chill out and relax, it might seem like the opposite of fitness. However, it would have to utilize many of the client programming aspects of a fitness club. Stress Good And Bad I want to cover the full spectrum of activities on the Gym Insight Blog. So, I think it's worth touching on some counter-trends, such as offering relaxation space as a membership. The modern world is full of the causes of stress, some negative and others, such as working out, are positive. The good stress is called eustress, which [...]


Mastering The Subscriptions Model And Avoiding The Obvious Mistakes

A whole new class of businesses has discovered the subscription business model. Many internet-based startups realize that monthly memberships suit them better than selling one-time up-front payment for products and services. The business model for fitness has long been club subscription memberships along with add-on features and in gym purchases. Changes in technologies and consumer preferences have helped to make automated payments over time more appealing. Subscribing For Short-Term Wins The psychology of subscriptions changes the way customers think about your business. The pain of massive up-front payments that scare off prospects, without consideration for the big picture. A monthly [...]

No Judgement - a gavel with an circle around it, crossing it out.

Crunch Fitness Business Model

All Crunch and No Judgment Every once in a while I like to give a shout-out to a company that's doing their own thing in the fitness industry and being rewarded for it with success. Crunch Fitness and their franchisees are a great example of exactly that. They have a business model that is unique and creative. I'm not suggesting that you should run out and get a Crunch Fitness franchise; I'm writing this out of interest and passion for the industry. I have no affiliation with Crunch Fitness or their franchisees. The last review that I posted was for [...]