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What The Top Fitness Clubs Say About The Gym Industry

Big Fitness is doing well these days, and that can have an impact on small gym businesses. However, the market looks set to continue growing over the next few years, which means there's enough business to go around. The shape of the fitness industry is changing, and it may be unrecognizable by the mid-2020s. Success at the top is a good thing; it represents expanding opportunities for small gym business owners, here's why. The Shape Of Big Fitness Companies I was reading a report about the Top 100 Health Clubs of 2016 that Club Industry posted last August, and as [...]

MMA Fighters in a Ring

Fitness Firm Case Study: UFC Gyms

The UFC has made a name for itself in the field of mixed martial arts (MMA). They have taken that success and ambitiously turned it into a familiar label onto a new big-box gym franchising operation that puts a body lock on their opponents. They are stable-mates with some of the big national brands but with the ability to leverage an entire menu of unique merchandising. Still, the question remains: What are the chances of this athletic-entertainment powerhouse muscling in on the gym arena? It turns out that its customers and employees have something to say about that. A Short [...]