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Insights That Nudge Your Membership To Positive Decisions

Insights That Nudge Your Membership If you are an independent fitness business owner, it always helps to find the simple hacks that get exceptional results. Let's look at some awesome hacks to analyze your operational data in search of small changes that give you big rewards. There is even a new scientific way of thinking about customer behavior that might help find the points where a nudge will get your members to get the fitness results they signed up for in the first place. Hacking Members With Nudges The latest thinking in economics (bear with me) is about applying common [...]


Behavioral Economics For Better Gym Management Results

Do you know what I object to most in the fitness business? It's those big-box chains that sign up members for the low monthly rate, but secretly hoping that customers never turn up to occupy space in any of their one million and six facilities. Low membership fees are fine in themselves, and it's a good thing that gyms give their members the hope of getting off the couch and getting fit. However, it just offends my sense of honor and the principles that got me into the business in the first place. Also, a strategy that delivers premium services [...]