What is Insight? Why Insight?

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  • What is Insight? Why Insight?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your gym sales in real time, all day, every day?

Now you can!

Insight is a comprehensive dashboard for your gym business. Don’t waste time calculating commissions, logging personal training sessions – have Insight do all the work.

Gym owners tend to spend way too much time going from one facility to another to check up on paperwork and logs to make sure their business is producing results.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see everything from your computer screen by monitoring each facility by commission, employee, personal training session, client, etc.?

Better yet, how about not having to worry about ”checking in”?

Insight offers comprehensive reports generated via the website or emailed directly to you!

Don’t think you have the computer background or time to learn this program? Scared you won’t be able to figure it all out? Have no fear…Our HOW TO tutorials will take you through step by step.

If you don’t see your questions answered on our HOW TO tutorials, just ask and we’ll make sure to walk you through each step.


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