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Hi Guys:

By now, you’ve probably noticed the new location dashboard. The dashboard is now the first screen you will see if you log into Insight and you are an Owner. If you are a manager, you will still see the Production screen. If you are a personal trainer (and not a manager), you will see the Client List by default.

The dashboard is our attempt to quantify the key daily metrics for your gyms. We’re working on an overview dashboard for those of you with multiple locations that will summarize the daily performance of all your locations on one easy to read dashboard screen.


Additionally, we’ve added the ability to set per session commission amounts (for personal training) on your user groups:


When training sessions are sold to a client of a personal trainer in a custom commission group, the percentage split will reflect your group settings (for example: 60% to the trainer, 40% to the gym).
Likewise, if you re-assign a personal training client, the payout rate on that client’s sessions will be updated:


When you edit a personal training client and re-assign that client’s personal trainer, you will see box appear (see above) that tells you exactly how the reassignment will affect your bottom line.
Finally, you (as an owner or manager) can see the breakdown between what was paid for a personal training session, and what the trainer will receive when he or she completes the session in the personal training client view:


Thank you again for all your help turning Insight into a great product! Please continue to e-mail me with comments and suggestions so we can make Insight better!

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