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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update. I just rolled out the ability to select and use custom commission calculating modules. As you know, up until this point you’ve only been able to automatically calculate sales or training commissions based on either a flat fee or a fixed dollar amount. Now, no matter what the requirements of your business, we can create one or more custom modules for you.
The custom modules allow you to specifically tailor compensation rules for your business. The first module (available to everyone) is called Classic Commissions. This module calculates commissions as follows:

Memberships: 10% of NMS + 50% of EFT
Personal Training: 10% of total dollar amount

This module will yield commissions very similar to those from the old application ( for those of you who have been using that program.

First, select Rules from the User Groups screen:


Then, select one of the categories you’d like to set a custom module for:


From the Commission Settings screen, you can now select one or more custom commission modules:


When you select a custom module, the page will display a description of that module (which will let you know how the module calculates commissions):


Once you’ve set a custom commission module, you’ll see that module name reflected on the Commission Settings and User Groups screens:


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