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We’ve received several requests for the ability to assign managers to the users within Insight. If you choose to assign a manager to one or more of your users, that manager will have the ability to view those users’ commission sheets. This is particularly useful if you have a user who is responsible for payroll or for approving the sessions that your personal trainers have entered.

Here’s how you do it:

First, go to your user management screen:



Notice how there is a new column (“Manager”) in the user listing. Next, select one of your users:


From the Edit User screen, you can now select a manager for this user:


From the User List menu, you’ll now notice that our user Beverly Abbott now has an assigned manager. Beverly’s manager will now be able to view her commission sheet in order to process payroll or approve personal training sessions that Beverly has entered! If you’d like to revoke the ability for Beverly’s manager to view her commission sheet, simply follow the same process but select None from the manager drop down list.

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