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It is now possible for personal trainers to undo previously trained session. Essentially, they would only need to do this in the event that they made a mistake in entering a session. However, it’s been a persistently asked for feature!

Here’s how it works, from the client list screen, the trainer (or manager) would need to click on either the Purchased or Trained column of the desired client:


Then, from the client view page you’ll notice a new icon on sessions that have been completed but aren’t expired:


If you hover your mouse over the icon, you’ll see a description:


Once you click on the icon, you’ll see this confirmation:


If you click on OK, the session will be marked as untrained. Now, the concern we had was that a trainer could wait until they are paid for completed sessions, then uncomplete their sessions and get paid for them again. We solved that problem by creating compensation transactions on their commission sheet:


So you can rest assured that your trainers won’t be double paid for sessions that they uncomplete!

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